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About Me

Brandy Soapes 
Redesigner + Stager 

I vividly remember a middle school art class project where I made my first poster board design board of a room designed around a work of art. I chose a Degas ballerina, mixed paints to the perfect blush tone, even stained popsicle sticks to represent the hardwood floors. While it may not need to be repeated ever again, the process stayed with me through college where I took all the design classes I could without a major then when I was out I was always taking clients here and there because I was so passionate about designing spaces.


I spent many years in the corporate world where I learned so much about project management plus started Whippoorwill Road, keeping my finger to the pulse of the design world. When my career path veered away from the corporate world, I went full on into design and staging. I loved helping clients bring their visions of their home to life and create spaces for their families to love and live in.


I’m not a designer who wants your home to look like mine. I take time getting to know your needs and style and translate that into a realistic design plan you can use. I want to create a space that looks like you in every way.


Design is my passion, in your home and my own. I can’t wait to partner with you to make your dreams a reality.


When I’m not designing, you’ll find me at home with my favorite 2 dudes. Robb and I have been married for 11 years and our 9 year old, Tripp, keeps us busy and entertained. We homeschool, spend most of our time invloved in Tripp's car passion (model building, car shows, you name it)  We are homebodies through and through but you’ll find at our booths in Woodbury and Eagleville (with my amazing mama and business partner for the retail side)