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our story whippoorwill road


Whippoorwill Road started as a dream on a gravel road in rural Wilson County, Tennessee. Roy Gannon bought a farm on Whippoorwill Road. He was a successful, self-made business owner who worked hard every day of his life. It only made sense that his “down time” was spent farming. 

That same farm has been worked and cherished by five generations of Roy’s family and that is exactly why his daughter and granddaughter chose to give this name to their dream.

Marilyn Todd and Brandy Soapes forever dreamed about how they should “open a store.”  They had big ideas and big dreams. In 2014, they finally decided to make their dreams a reality and that is where the story of Whippoorwill Road continues. 

Marilyn and Brandy believe that home is a lot more than a house. It’s your family. It’s your life. It’s your dreams. Making your home beautiful only adds to all of these. 

They have selected quality products in timeless styles that will help make your home more of a dream come true without breaking your budget. 

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Thank you for stoping by our little piece of a dream come home.