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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a design board?

Yes and no. I will give you an overall vision for the space but it’s much more than a simple design board. I take my design plans several steps further by telling you why a certain element will work (and why you’ll love it) and giving you a plan to complete the project. Most packages include sourcing for the major elements so you also get direct links to make those purchases. This is not simple example for what your space can be, it’s an action plan to achieve your goals.


How far will you travel?

Can I answer a question with a question? Is it on the Beach?  But seriously, travel can be discussed as part of your design plan. The good news is, Virtual Packages can be done from anywhere so it’s necessary to be in the same place.  I am based out of Middle Tennessee and additional charges may apply for travel outside of that area. 


 Are you an Interior Designer?

Short answer: no

Long Answer: An Interior Designer has a four year degree in the field. While I have intensive training and experience in the field of Interior Design, my degrees is in other areas so  you’ll never see me using the title. As a Redesigner , I focus first on what you have and can work within any budget.


What’s the difference in Interior Design and Redesign?


See above for how what it takes to call yourself an “Interior Designer” but as far as interior design vs redesign there is some overlap. Both can take a space from beginning to end and decide all the elements to meet your needs, however with redesign we try the “start with what you have” approach. I will not expect you to get everything new from floor to ceiling (unless you want to, then I’m totally here for it). Starting with what you have saves time and money and is great approach to getting the home you’ve dreamed of.


Can’t my Realtor help me stage? 

While there is a bit of staging training included in real estate training and some agents have a knack for it, a professionally certified Home Stager has extensive training in both staging and home design. I love working with you and your realtor. We all have the same goal after all, to get you top dollar! 

I’m very handy. Can’t I just stage my home myself? 

 Absolutely … but (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?) it’s really difficult to see a home you’ve lived in for more than 2 years as a “product for sale.” Whether you love or hate your current home, it’s so challenging to view it objectively. The good news is, I have the perfect plan for a DIYer like yourself. 


Our Market is HOT, I don’t really need my home staged, do I? 


 There are homes that sell IMMEDIATELY no matter what. It happens. We’ve all seen the pictures “professional” pictures  with the toilet seat up that up that no one seems to care about. BUT we’ve also seem those “perfect” homes that seem to sit and sit and sit. Staging is a minor investment compared to the cost of buying a home. So, you don’t have to have your home professionally staged but when it’s proven to make it sell faster and for more money, why wouldn’t you? 

What qualifies you design or stage my home? 


    The reality is, anyone can wake up and declare themselves a  "decorator, designer or home stager.” There is no test or degree required. And while a lot of stagers have experience with Real Estate or an “eye for design,” most have very little real training in the field. But I do! I've been designing houses for people on the side for nearly 20 years plus I took all the Intrerior Design classes in college I could without majoring in them. Combine that with a natural “eye for design,” and years of real life  project management experience plus the very strenuous Home Staging Certification Curriculum, the only one accredited by the Real Estate Staging Association. I'm legit and I have the certificates to prove it!