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The Vintage Shop


 WR Vintage Shop- Vintage and Antique Home Decor

Vintage items have our heart and we are excited to offer you even more. 

Welcome to the WR Vintage Shop.

We have carefully curated a small collection of Vintage goods just for your home. These are pieces we’ve collected from all over because we love them so and think you will too. We will simply add them to our online store for one week only. When they’re gone, they’re gone so be sure to shop that week.

Now, there might be imperfections, blemishes and flaws. That’s part of the charm of vintage pieces. We’ve done our very best to select things in really good condition and/or show you the imperfections. We are trying our very best to be fully transparent on all our items so be sure to ask questions or request more pictures if needed. 

How it works…

How can I shop?

The Online Vintage  Shop will open for one week only. We’ll notify our email friends first, then the following day we’ll open it up for everyone. After that week is over, we’ll close down the Vintage Shop and restock with a brand new collection. It will vary how frequently we’ll stock up but  once the item is gone, it’s gone!

How do I get my item?

Unless indicated, all items are available for shipping in the contiguous US or free local pickup (North Rutherford County, TN) Please specify how you would like to receive your items at checkout.

We will occasionally offer items for local pickup only due to the difficulty and/or expense to ship. If you would like one of these items shipped, please contact us for pricing.

Is it antique or vintage or something else?

You may see different definitions out there but typically Antique means over 100 years old and Vintage is under 100 years old but with a collector’s appeal. We’re going with this simple definition and most often just call it “vintage.” If we are sure of the year, you might see the world “antique” thrown in there but we really care more about how much we love it. We shop and stock with the heart not based on Antique Road Show vibes. Wether it’s antique, vintage, reproduction or brand new we want anything and everything we offer to bring beauty and character to your home. That’s the goal forever and ever amen.


Refunds/Exchanges for Vintage Pieces:

All sales on Vintage/ Antique pieces are final. We want you to be happy with your purchase so we have tried our very best to disclose any and all imperfections on our vintage collection; however, imperfections and blemishes are part of the charm of a vintage piece. Please fully read the descriptions and see all pictures before purchasing and contact us with any questions or for more pictures of the the item at

If your item was damaged, contact us within 7 days of receiving it with pictures of the damages of the time and the condition of the shipping.