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Citronella + Wild Rose Outdoor Patio Candle


Introducing our new Outdoor Patio Candle, the perfect addition to your outdoor oasis! Infused with the invigorating scent of citronella and wild rose, this candle will help create a refreshing and relaxing ambiance for your outdoor gatherings. Made with high-quality, natural ingredients, this candle is designed to repel pesky insects while filling the air with the delightful aroma of fresh wild roses. The citronella oil used in the candle is known for its natural insect-repelling properties, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use. The subtle yet invigorating fragrance of wild roses will transport you to a serene and peaceful garden, while the citronella oil will keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay. The candle is crafted in a beautiful metal container that will complement any patio décor, and it has a long burn time, ensuring that your outdoor space will be filled with fragrance all evening long. Our Outdoor Patio Candle is perfect for backyard BBQs, summer parties, or anytime you want to enjoy outside.  

Product Details: 

  • 16 Ounces


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