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10 Ways to Show Your Home LOVE

Yes, we sell Home Decor and we hope you love your home by buying it something pretty from us, but let's go a little deeper than that. Our homes are typically our biggest purchase (and/or debt and/or rent payment each month) and one of our biggest blessings- its more than just walls and a roof to keep the cold out, it’s where we do life. 

So this month, let’s spend some time loving our homes. To help you start thinking, we’ve put together a list of 10 ways to show your home some love.


  1. Display those pictures: Surround yourself with images of the people and places you love. Fill up your walls and shelves. Kitchen Open Shelving- Whippoorwill Road Shanty-2-Chic



  1. Fill your home with real people: February is stupid cold, stay home but invite others to you. Put on a pot of soup and some grilled cheeses (look fancy by getting a few kinds of bread and cheese) and invite your people over. It will warm your home and your guests. Soup too much trouble? Coffee will still do the trick! 

 whippoorwill road soup

  1. Lose the weight: We’re not saying you ate too much of that cheesy goodness in number 2, we’re still talking about your home. It loses its charm and function when there is just too much stuff everywhere. Take a few minutes and do the Emily Ley method- walk around with trash bag and pick up trash. Even the cleanest people have random stuff laying around that is cluttering our view. When you’re done with trash, repeat with a donate bag or box. Keep going until you’re tidy. You’ve just increased your livable square footage! 


  1. Make a list: I could spend all day everyday doing projects around the house. Moving things from shell to shelf, rearranging furniture, shopping for new stuff… but we don’t have unlimited time and resources. Spend a few minutes in each room and make a quick list of what you would like to see do in there. It could be as big as ripping out walls or as tiny as changing out a picture in a frame. But write it down. I like to keep a running spreadsheet but whatever method you like will work. You can change your mind later, but seeing it all listed out gives us a much better idea of what we’re dealing with. And when you have a Saturday of plans cancel, take a look at that list and see if that is the perfect day to paint. 


  1. Get Fancy: This might look different for each of us, but there is just something about putting a little extra effort into dinner even for a weeknight.  Set the table properly, add some candles, use the fancy napkins and tablecloths,  put your water in the nice goblets, get flowers. Turning a normal dinner into a special occasion brings a little something magical to it. Your every day chicken can be a masterpiece and those at your table will feel special wit the extra effort.


  1. Get unfancy: Spread that blanket out on the living room floor and declare a night of snacks and TV. Comfy clothes and paper plates are required. (and mix in some good snacks too- veggies and fruits, we’re getting unfancy, not unhealthy) 


  1. Pick up before you go to bed: There is nothing like that feeling of waking up and grabbing coffee in a tidy house. Pillows in place, toys put away and a clean sparkly kitchen set you up to enjoy your home for the day and NOT worry about al you have to do. This is especially important on Sunday nights. Invest in your Monday morning with a Sunday Night pick-up. (clean white couch picture) 


  1. Do that Project. Have you put of painting over that color you hate or moving your bed to the other wall for too long? Is your closet in need of a good purge? Just do it. Take the time to make it happen.  You’ll be happy you did. 


  1. Rest: To do lists, laundry, clutter, dinner, grocery shopping, all of that can be exhausting. We can’t enjoy our homes if we go, go, go all the time. This is the time of your that sickness is just waiting to overtake us too. If you can’t rest in your home, where can you? Take some time enjoy that couch. Put your feet up and recharge. Go to bed early. Sleep late. However you do it, allow your home to provide you with a safe place to rest. You deserve it. (bed picture) 


  1. Love it: I’m guessing that 99.9% of us have imperfect homes. Most of us are not living in our dream home, some of us are even waiting and waiting for it. But where you are is great. It really is. Your too small house, your too big house, your apartment, the room you get because you’re living with a family member, the shelf you get because you’re living with a family member. Sometimes I think about how someone would look at my house as teeny and so simple then someone else would look at it as huge and extravagant. It’s all a matter of perspective- someone will always have something better than you and you will always have something better than someone else. It doesn’t change what you have. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Change what you can and learn to appreciate what you can’t. Home is a great place. Your home is the best place.  


How do you show your home love? 


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