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5 Things to Get Now (Preparing for Joy: Day 2)

Welcome back! Today we are tackling five things to buy now so you can free up time and money during Christmas. I don’t care how you budget or what you do, the Christmas season is expensive! It is such a joy and privilege to share gifts, food and time with your people over the whole season but it can add up in a hurry! To help spread it out, here are five things you can start stocking up on now, to save you later. 

1. Wrapping paper+ Ribbon: It’s out almost everywhere; go ahead and get what you need plus a little extra and it’s one less thing for later. This might be an unpopular opinion but I pretty much wrap all my gifts year round in white, black and craft paper so it’s easy to stay stocked up and ready. I add in ribbon for whatever occasion and I’m always ready.

2. Tape, tape and more tape: Buy as much tape as you think you’ll need then double it. We always run out and/or lose so much tape so stock up now. Put some with your wrapping paper and hide a few rolls somewhere safe. It disappears from our house way too often.

3. Pantry Staples: Stock up on butter, sugar, flour, vanilla, canned and dry goods you’ll need for the season. I kind of feel like butter at Christmas is the same as tape… there is never enough!

4. Christmas Lights: I don’t even care if you love your pre-lit tree and it’s never let you down, go buy a few packs of extra Christmas lights because you will need them somewhere. If it’s a matter of a strand (or 5 going out) or the tree just not being as bright as you thought it was last year. Grab a few extra boxes to be prepared. (Just so you know, I’ve had really bad luck with pre-lit trees so I am extra saucy about them) 

5. Recipes: This one might sound odd, but whether you make the same thing every single year or like to try new things, put all your recipes in one place. That could mean printing them out and making a binder or just one Pinterest board devoted to your holiday recipes. This way, you always know where they are and when you’re making your grocery list you can easily see what you may need to grab (see #3) 



How easy is that? And I am not suggesting you go on a shopping spree today. Just add these as you're doing normal life the next couple of weeks. Add a few items to your grocery list, throw tape in the cart next time you're in walmart, get to Hobby Lobby while there is still wrapping paper left. Anything you can do now is a time and money saver later! 

We'll have more tomorrow! 

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