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Let’s be honest. Christmas is the most magical time of year…. but it is also the most stressful. No matter how hard we try to focus on the real spirit of Christmas, the little things can be so loud and stressful that they cancel out everything that is good and holy . We can’t avoid all the holi-drama but I believe there are a few things we can do early that will make take a ton of the stress out of it and allow us to savor the season.


Yes, it is only October and I am not suggesting you put your tree up now or do anything that breaks your normal traditions. But if we spend the next week looking forward to those little things we can do now, we’ll clear our minds and schedules for all the things that really matter.


We'll spend a whole week on the blog talking about how to  make lists, start stocking up on essentials (and a maybe a few gifts,) schedule the big stuff, and anticipate all the things that steal the joy from the season. By doing just these few things, you’ll have more time and space (mentally, physically and in your budget) to savor the season. You can start at anytime to help prepare to savor the season. 


Day One: List Day 

Day Two: Gather 

Day Three: Schedule it 

Day Four: Edit 

Day Five: Anticipate + Rest