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Day Two: Gather (Christmas Prep Week)

Welcome to Day Two of our Christmas Prep Week! (read more about all the details here) 

No one wants to run out for one more roll of wrapping paper or stick of butter in the middle of the Christmas craziness so today we'll start stocking up on all the things now and you’ll save time and money later. 

(I'm not suggesting you go buy all this stuff today, but just add it in here and there as you do your normal shopping to make life easier) 


1. Supplies: 

  • Tape: when you’re in target, throw extra tape in the cart. A few dollars here saves you time and money later.
  • Ribbon and gift wrap: Places like Hobby Lobby put their stuff out early so go ahead and grab your gift wrap and ribbon now and store it. And guess what? No one says you have to use “holiday themed” paper. All white or craft paper with simple ribbon from the everyday section can be used year round and still made to look special under the tree. Think outside of the holiday aisle and get your stuff done!
  • Boxes and Gift bags: Start collecting and saving now so you're ready to wrap! 

2. Recipes

You have your list of events you’ll host and attend. Now search for the options of what you want to serve or take. Some of these are probably no brainers you always make or you may want to try something new. If you have a lot on your event list, you may want to decide one recipe for each of the following categories and you’re ready when someone says “bring an app, or dessert, or whatever!”  If you already have a "go-to" in any of these categories, still write it down.

  • Appetizer
  • Side
  • Main Dish
  • Dessert
  • Drink

3. Gifts

 Once again, you have your list now start grabbing those items as time and budget allow. See something on sale, grab it now. And I must add, please remember to support those small businesses whenever you can. Most will start having Christmas events and open houses in early November. You have your guest lists so shop small first!

You may even want to think of a “theme” for all our gifts. Last year, I decided to start with people I knew who had small business, then move to Etsy then fill in with the big box stores. My Brother-In-Law actually decided to give everyone (well the ladies at least) earrings last year. That’s such a great way to narrow down your decisions and make it easier.

Some people like to wrap gifts the moment they get them so they’re done. I think that is a great idea. I don’t practice this because part of the fun for me is a night where I lock myself in my room and wrap all the gifts while watching movie (and I forget what I get if I do it to early) but it’s a great way to get a huge task done early.

4. Food

 Grocery expenses are sure to rise around the holiday and I’m not suggesting you “hoard” any items unnecessarily, but simply look at your Recipe List and see what you’re going to need. Most of us bake so add a little extra of these items when you grocery shop and not only do you save money later but you time too because you’re not running out for more.

  • butter (keep extras in the freezer) 
  • cream cheese
  • flour
  • sugar (regular, powder, brown, etc)
  • spices
  • Cupcake liners and decorations, all these little supplies
  • Anything you can buy NOW to ease the budget later

And there you go! By adding a few extra items to your cart as you shop, you're saving time and money later! Come back tomorrow as we'll start scheduling all the fun! 

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