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Day Three: Schedule It (Christmas Prep Series)

Welcome to Day Two of our Christmas Prep Week! (read more about all the details here) 

Here is where you take your list and sit down with your calendar. Start by filing in the dates you already have (maybe with pencil) Then go through each of these and add them in. You can be as rigid or flexible as you want but putting them on an actually calendar helps us know how much time we really have so we can fill it wisely


Bonus Tip: I actually like to print out a blank calendar to work with as I put things in place. That way I can adjust and make a mess of it but it's in good shape by the time it goes into my real calendar.  

Be sure to schedule these items…

1. Christmas card photos: Look at when you need to send them and work backwards to allow enough time to print, address and all that. The earlier the better on this one! 

2. Events: See your list from earlier and fill in any confirmations or if you know when they might be. 

3. Travel: Block off any days you need for travel, preparations or recovery. Schedule whatever time you need to be at your best for the season.  

4. Traditions: Look back at your list and see when these need to happen. Declare your baking day, decorating day, the day you start your advent study and everything else you've identified as an important tradition. 

5. Home project: Also looking back at your list, you've declared what MUST be done so set a due date and a plan to make it happen. As with all home projects, stuff will go wrong so allow for that. Set your deadlines well before when you need it to be safe. 

6. Recipe Testing: Trying new recipes around the holidays can be so much fun… or it can be traumatic when something doesn’t work and you need it to feed people in 5 minutes. If you’re trying something new, go ahead and schedule a time to test it out early. This is an extra benefit because it means you have dinner or dessert planned for a day in the future already!


Are you seeing how this all fits together? And if you're feeling like your season is a little much already, just let it breath until tomorrow. Tomorow we edit! 

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