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5 Places for Inspiration (Preparing for Joy: Day 5)

5 places to find inspiration for christmas


One of the low key MVPs of the Holiday season is all the creativity. Our homes become our canvases. We become baking show worthy cookie makers. We create magic every single day. We craft a backdrop for the most wonderful time of the year. While some things are repeated every year, it’s always nice to gather inspiration to fuel all the creative genius. Here are 5 great sources for you.

1. Pictures of previous years: Go through your phone and photo albums and see what you did in previous years. You might see a few things you can improve on but this is more about gathering inspiration for how great it’s all going to be and to fuel your creativity. 

2. Books: I have a Williams and Sonoma Holiday Cookbook that has become a seasonal marker for me. I bought it a million years ago and if we’re being honest, I don’t use very many recipes from it but getting it out and looking it over year after year, and choosing it to display in the kitchen inspires me so much. It reminds me of the details that make my heart happy and how place settings and pretty flowers really can matter. Grab any Christmas books and just put them in one spot so you can reach for them when you want to skim something. Go to the Library and browse a few books. Just the act of skimming the pictures can even fuel your creativity.

3. Use Hobby Lobby to your advantage: I know, I know. Some people who are adamant against early decorating get ragey at Hob Lob for how soon they switch over. I say, embrace it. You don’t have to buy anything at all (and please don’t unless it’s 50% off which it is now so we're safe!) But browse the aisles. See what jumps out at you and inspires you. You don’t have to buy a thing yet, just gather inspiration. It’s that easy! But I will say, if you fall hard for something and it is 50% off get it!

Bonus Tip: Small businesses are also putting out there stuff earlier and earlier. Please, try to invest in these as much as you can this season. Small business-ing is hard but even the teeniest purchases make a huge impact.

4. Magazines: I sometimes have trouble sitting still. My mind is always going to what I should be doing, so I have to find ways to make my brain slow down on occasion. We go to church on Thursday evenings so Sunday mornings are actually a peaceful time for me. I could get a whole lot done but I make myself sit down and enjoy flipping through magazines. It is restorative. I'll even take a few pictures of things that inspire me for later. Even if you take 10 minutes to flip through one, you will be inspired! 

Bonus Tip: Most libraries have apps where you can access thousands of magazines from your  own device. This is one of my favorite things! You can easily flip through all the best magazines without having a stack in your house. Our library system uses Hoopla and Libby but check with yours and get access! 

5. Get outside: There is no greater artist and designer than our heavenly Father. Get outside and observe the changing of the season and the beauty that is all around. The colors that blaze across the sky at sunrise and sunset, the clear blue all day long, the glittering frost that clings to blades of grass and everything else it touches. The way the air changes and the wind sings a different song though the trees. Soak up as much sunshine as you can. Pay attention to the colors and the textures. Bottle them up and bring them inside. Savor the season we're in and the season that is to come.  You can't leave that without feeling divinely inspired 

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