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E-Cloths: Get to Know Each Cloth

Meet your next favorite cleaning tool! E-Cloths are specialized towels that harness the power of water to clean and disinfect. They are miraculous and you can use them over and over (most up to 300 uses) by just washing and reusing.  

There are so many E Cloths but I have tested for you. I seriously love them all and can’t imagine going back to cleaning the old way. So without further ado, here is the complete list of all we offer with a little bit about them all (along with handy links for making purchases. THANK YOU)


Bathroom Cleaning Kit: This two piece set is a game changer in the bathroom. Bathrooms somehow are notorious for collecting all the dust. If you wet the dust, say wit your favorite cleaner, you just make it angry and move it around, meaning not clean. So with this in and,  use the plush cloth DRY first to collect the dust. Then rinse and wipe down everything to clean. Follow it up with the Polishing Cloth and everything will sparkle and shine!


Cleaning and Dusting Wand: Is this a magic wand? Maybe! With nearly 24 inches of cleaning reach it grabs dust from anywhere, high or low. Light fixtures, corners, under furniture, baseboards, under the dryer (eww), blinds… you name it. Anywhere you need extra reach, it works. The best part is that you don’t have to fight it. The sleeve slips right off to wash and is easy to reapply but a little velcro slip keeps it secure while you work.


Deep Clean Mop: This seriously might be the thing I reach for the most (see below for the extra part you need). Either wet the mop pad (I like HOT water) or spray water on the floor and then mop and you will not believe how much dirt this thing traps! I have an area of my floors where footprints cling and this is the only thing that erases them. When I need a little extra something I’ll spray the floor with a little vinegar then mop with hot water. Just rinse it clean. It’s so much better than pushing dirty water all around your floor!


Dusting Mop Head: If you have dust, animals or humans in your house this is a MUST! I seriously use it daily. It’s like a swiffer on steroids, or swiffer’s older sister who has figured out all of life. It will grab ANYTHING off your floor. Best yet, it cleans up beautifully. I’ll vacuum mine off because it picks up so much, but you could just shake it off outside but be warned, dust will fly and throw it in the wash. It actually becomes white again!


Dish Drying Mat: Whether you’re washing by hand or a dishwasher, dishes are a chore! This mat is like nothing I’ve ever used before. You can see it draw the water off the dishes. I like to use it on things that don’t fully dry in the dishwasher (i.e. my food processor parts) or when I have things to handwash. It’s small so it doesn’t take up a ton of space but does a huge job.


General Purpose Cloths: These are the Jacks of all trades. They can do it all. I keep one in the car for dusting and messes and use the others for EVERYTHING… baseboards, spills, wiping cabinets and countertops down. I’ve had a lot of “good” microfiber cloths and there is no comparison. These are truly superior.


Glasses Cloth: This handy little towel is perfect for regular glasses and sunglasses. A little water on one side, then polish with the dry side and you’ll see clearly!


Granite and Stone Cleaning Set: Countertops are so hard to keep clean. They work hard and need something that will be gentle yet effective. The plush, cleaning cloth with trap all the dirt and particles left behind and the polishing cloth shines them up when you’re done. Works great for all solid surface counters!


Grooming Mitt: Perfect for our furry friends! One side grabs all the dirt, dander, and other things that get locked in their coat and the other side smooths and shines. It’s not the best for super long haired pets but works great on most.


High Performance Dusting Cloth: Dust is no match for this cloth! Each side is a different texture for locking in tougher dust issues in one swipe. It’s remarkable how it grabs all the dust, then washes perfectly clean!


High Performance Dusting Glove: It may look like a cartoon hand, but this thing is serious. It allows you to get in those pesky little places dust can hide (I’m talking to you, blinds!) and kids think it’s fun-ish to wear a funny glove, so get their help!


Home Cleaning Kit: This one set does it all! Seriously clean your whole house with these 8 cloths. Includes Dusting, Bathroom, Stainless Steel, Range and Stovetop, Window, and TWO Polishing cloths!


Kitchen Cloth: This is one that I cannot live without. I’m a messy cook so it gets a lot of use. Dry, it grabs dust and all the flour. Wet it cleans up everything else and the best part is the scrubby little corner for those pesky spots that need a little extra work. You could actually clean your entire kitchen with this ONE towel.


Kitchen Dynamo: It’s small but does a BIG job. Minimalist, you need this. It’s extra loopy texture traps all the dirt and grime, destroys water marks and cleans way bigger than its size. I’m amazed every time I use it!


Non Scratch Scrubbing Pads: I am kicking myself for not trying these sooner. They are absolutely unbelievable. The scrubber is tough, but won’t scratch. I’ve used them on cast iron, hard water stains on my shower doors, the oven that I haven’t cleaned in an embarrassingly long time and a whole host of other nasty, grimy jobs. Everyone needs one a few a these in their cleaning arsenal.


Personal Electronics Cloth: I don’t even want to think about how disgusting our devises are. I know there are the fingerprints and smudges you can see but if you factor in how often we touch them, it’s a whole other level of filth. Not only will this shine them up good, but removes 99% of the bacteria without harmful sprays and chemicals.


Pet Bowl Scrubber: Our furry friends are gross! This bone shapes scrubber, has a scrubby side and a polishing side to do all the work. I scrubbed the grossest dried pumpkin off of Hazel’s bowl with ease! It’s also great for that grime that collects on their water bowls. Clean and shiny!


Polish and Shine Glassware Cloth: Glasses get a film over time and fingerprints just stick. This lint free cloth will polish those right out! I also find it works great on silverware smudges.


Range and Stovetop Cloth: Any other messy cooks out here? No matter how hard I try, my stove shows it’s use. The combination of smooth and scrubby texture covers all my cooking mess sins but is gentle enough not to scratch the stainless or glass.


Screen Cleaning Cloth: Televisions and Computer screens are literal dust magnets. Let’s not even talk about the fingerprints. This cloth has the perfect large waffle texture to gently, yet effetely lift all that from your screens while leaving it streak free.


Shower Cleaning Set: It’s amazing how something that is supposed ot make you clean can get so gross. Am I right? This two towel set conquers that. The plush towel breaks down soap scum and hard  water stains while the polishing cloth makes it smooth and shiny. It even comes with a handy suction cup to rinse out and leave for the net showe.


Stainless Steel Cloth: I have tried EVERYTHING to keep the fingerprints of my stainless appliances and this is the only thing that works everytime. It has a combination of smooth and scrubby textures to get all sorts of dirt, grime and fingerprints off your stainless steel.


Wash and Wipe Dish Cloths: These were such a surprise! We’re typically sponge or brush dishwashers but these beat them all! Think of it as you grandmothers old fashioned “dish rag” but about a million times more effective. Use with your favorite dish soap for the best lather ever, them rinse and wipe up your sink area when you’re done. You could seriously do your dishes them clean your whole kitchen with these. They are that effective.


Wash Up Pad: You know how sponges have a scrubby side and a smooth side but they fall apart or get really nasty after a few uses? Think about the same effect but that last for about 300 uses and all the germs easily wash out. With or without soap, these are tough on dirt!


Water Atomizer: E Cloths work best with their handy sidekick or water and this spray bottle helps. The perfect spray to follow up with your favorite cloth.


Window Cleaning Set: People are usually most amazed when they use the Window Cloth for the first time and I understand why. It is truly remarbaeble how sparkly clean these get your windows with JUST WATER. The waffle weave towel is just the right amount of scrubbing power, and the polishing cloth finishes the job.


Window Dynamo: The exact same job and power as the set (see above!) in a sponge size perfect package. 

Windshield Haze Eraser: keep this in the car to get rid of that Haze as well as clean your windows. Just wipe with one side then flip to polish. You can add water for extra cleaning power. 

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