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Cooks and Bakers {a gift guide}

The Christmas season is like the Super Bowl for all of us who love to cook. Help the bakers and cooks in your life do their thing with extra style this year! 

Stoneware Salt Dish… since I’ve started using a Salt Cellar, I’ll never go back to cooking with a shaker. It is the handiest thing to keep out in the kitchen for a pinch or a scoop of salt for your favorite recipes (and it’s only $5!) 

Measuring Cups… 1/2 cup of cute. 1 cup of function! Who says baking has to be boring? Your favorite baker’s cakes will be even sweeter if you gift them these measuring cups. 

 Striped Towels… Baking can be messy business (or is that just me?) Help clean-up be extra stylish with our Striped Towels. And trust me, they’re not just a pretty face… or towel, they’re absorbent and soft and make clean-up a breeze! Available in Black or Red Stripe

Chef Timer… Maybe you won’t want to time your soufflé but this, but any baker will appreciate having this cute little guy in the kitchen!  

Cookbook stand… When I’m baking, I use so many cookbooks and recipes! I must keep them in front of me where I can easily follow. My cookbook stand is perfect for this… books, printouts, the iPad with Pinterest open… it’s like a cook’s right hand! *****

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