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Teachers {a gift guide}

Teachers are some of the hardest workers out there but let’s be honest, sometimes they get showered with gifts they don’t want or like. Show your teachers some real love this year… Whippoorwill Road Love

Coffee Break/Tea Time… I don’t know a teacher that doesn't need coffee to pep up or tea to help calm down (we don’t judge for what additives are in there ;)) so give them a mug they’ll love (instead of one that says “#1 Teacher.” Just don’t) and throw in a gift card to their favorite coffee place. 

Cotton Throw… Most of the teachers in my life also need some time to rest. A comfy cozy throw is perfect for Christmas break. Add a book or an Amazon gift card and yoou’ve literally given your teachers a well deserved break. 

Black Clip Board… If you want to give her something she can use in the classroom or at home, this clip board is perfect! Don’t forget to add a gift card. Teachers deserve it! 

Christmas Frame Ornament… Christmas is even sweeter to our teacher friends who get a well deserved break. Add an ornament to help them remember what a special year it has been! (our Stocking Ornaments are a great choice here too!)

Bless your heart… This needs no explanation. Teachers have a hard job. Bless their hearts. 

Mason Jar Soap Pump… Poor teachers. They get all the germs! She can fill out Mason Jar Soap Pump with her favorite soap or hand sanitizer to keep those germs away. (maybe add a manicure gift card too!) 


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