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Make Your Lists (Christmas Prep Week)

31 days christmas prep

I find it impossible to get a good grasp on anything without some sort of a list. The holiday season is no exception and by starting these lists early, we lay the ground work for success down the road. Today’s only action is to sit down with a calendar and paper (and a strong cup of coffee) and start writing. Here’s what to focus on… 


Calendar: We may not have invitations yet, but you know what gatherings are typical so grab a calendar and fill in the following: 

  1. Concrete Plans: Fill in the dates you know start with TODAY and move trough the end of the year (i.e. Christmas Eve at Aunt Whoever’s house) then you're ready for... 
  2. Expected Plans: Next, on your calendar or a separate list, write down those things that float around (a friend’s party, church gatherings, etc) This just gives us a visual of what we’re dealing with and how quickly those December weekends will pass us by
  3. Hopes:  These are the things you really want to happen. Santa visits, movie and jammie nights, date night, gingerbread house day, etc. Write them down. You don’t have to commit right now, but these are the important things that can get lost in the shuffle and really disappoint us.


Gifts: This is especially helpful after you make the event list/ calendar. Make your list. Get it firmly planted in your mind. Think of everything- list every family member and friend you always buy for, teacher gifts, potential dirty Santa parties… think through your entire season and write it down. If you have an idea add that too! You’ll have specifics to fill in later but this is about doing what you can now to free up as many minutes as you can later. 

Food: Also going back to our calendar and list, we have a better picture of FOOD. Does this ever happen to you? You’re headed to X event and ask “what can I bring,” and they say “whatever you want” or an appetizer or a dessert but never something specific? If that is the case PREPARE NOW. Look through Pinterest or your favorite cookbook, take the time to test something new if you want and decide on “your dish” for each opportunity. Are you Hosting and taking care of everything yourself? Take the time to sit down and plan the menu now. You’ll even be prepared when you get asked “what should I bring?” 

House Projects:  We all know how it works. You’re hosting an event and decide you need to build onto the house in the next 2 days… or paint, or rearrange or a number of projects. Nothing makes us as productive and ambitious at home as when company is coming! Don’t make yourself crazy. I will sometimes push so hard to get “that thing” done before “that event” that I am miserable and tired and can barely enjoy the event I worked so hard at. You have your calendar started, now look around the house and start a list for the house. Are you having guests and your toilet doesn’t work properly- that one is urgent and needs to get done stat, but there are also a host of other things we’ll want to do. Write them out and prioritize them. If you really want something done, do it NOW. If if can wait, go ahead and put it on the to do list for January. 


There you go! Not an easy task, but so worth it to have our minds in the right place to prepare for the busy Holiday Season! Tomorrow, we'll get it all done... just kidding but we will start talking action to but these things in motion now. Remember, we're not rushing the season but taking some of the crazy out of it so we'll see you tomorrow! 

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