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Start Now (Christmas Prep Week)

Now that we have our lists made and a good grasp on what we’re dealing with come Christmas,  today is the day to start putting things into action. These are simple steps you can just integrate into what you’re already doing now to save time later. Let’s get started! 


Gifts: You have your list so when you see something that person might like, pick it up. I started this in the summer when I ran across some great sale items at Hobby Lobby and we have a box in extra closet for such things. Not only will you save money now, but time running around later. I don’t even care if you knock one present out early, that is time saved to enjoy later. Be constantly proactive- every trip to target, every amazon order, and with us! (please and thank you!) There are some people who like to wrap it as soon a they get it. That’s too far for me but if you think that might work for you, go for it! 


Supplies: This is one of my favorite “work ahead” tactics. You know what you’re going to need to make Christmas work… tape, wrapping paper, gift bags, tags, ribbon, tissue paper (and if you’re us a new tree)… why not take care of that now? If you can grab some paper and ribbon when you’re in Hobby Lobby, that’s money you won’t be spending later. I am so tempted to wait for the 50% days but if you want something specific (i.e. red and black buffalo check) buy it at 40% off because they may sell out. Put it all in a designated place and just pull it out when the season finally gets here. SO much less to worry about later!


Food: You already have your list of menus and recipes you may need so lets take that 3 steps further. 

1. Experiment- As you Meal Plan Saturday (link here) make sure that you add the things you need to test. Turkey in October? Why not? A special dessert on a random Thursday? Hello happiness! You’ll have more time, energy and money to perfect those recipes you want to pull out later and you’ve taken care of dinner, treats or whatever. 


2.  Stock up- Go ahead and stock up on all those things you’re going to need- flour, sugar, chocolate chips, butter (keeps great in the freezer), meats when they go on sale. Anything you can buy and store NOW is something you don’t have to worry about or pay for at Christmas. 


3. Cook in Bulk- Let’s just get this out there that I have not mastered freezer cooking. I’ve tried some stuff that has worked but I just cannot get in a rhythm with doing it or clear up the freezer space for it so know this is not a huge lesson in that. If you have a system, keep doing what you’re doing. But if you’re like me, this might be a foot in the door to that magical world of a stock piled freezer: Soup. The weather is cooler and perfect for soup so just make sure you put soup on the menu every week or so. Make a bigger batch than you need and freeze the rest. You have a super easy dinner that only requires being thrown in a pot and heated up. We can handle that, right? 


How are you feeling? Do you like our plan? I think it’s pretty simple and easy to accomplish. We’re not going crazy, we’re just thinking ahead and throwing a few extra items in the cart to free up time and money when it matters most. We’ve got one last thing to chat about so be sure you come back ready! 

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