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Recipe: Pear Bread

Pear Bread with streusel topping Easy recipe

Pears have been plentiful this season and I've tested just about every pear recipe I could get my hands on. For a few weeks we had some form of pear at every meal and I was feeling like the Bubba Gump of pears.

But there was one recipe that has been the very best... pear bread. While it's actually been delicious every time, I kept testing and testing to get the texture and flavor to perfection and this version is "the one!"  The flavors are sweet and warm and the it's soft, moist and oh so delicious. I honestly worried about the pear texture because I'm not usually a fan of "chunky" bread but they blend perfectly. My daddy even said he likes this more than banana and pumpkin bread! 

While I cut the sugar drastically from the first recipe, this is not really a "healthy" bread (though a bread with fruit is always better than no fruit, right?) but it is so very good and a quick recipe to whip up to treat your people with. 

Hope you enjoy!  

Easy Pear Bread Recipe with Streusel topping Whippoorwill Road Home COmpany





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