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Our Big News: We're Moving!

Sometimes things just happen. Sometimes the  little details fall into place  in such a way, that you can’t really deny God had a hand in it. He cares about the teeniest of things and its pretty obvious when we pay attention.

The last few weeks, we experienced just that. A casual conversation and almost flippant “we should…” comment, then a perfectly timed but out of the blue message, that led to making a decisions we never ever thought we would make. It really wasn’t on the radar…. until it was.

We posted that little snippet above on social media yesterday but you get the rest of the story today. So here is the big news. We’re moving our booth! While we’ve loved our time at the Old Feed Store in Woodbury and will always treasure the start we got there in the teeny little upstairs space (SEVEN years ago!) seasons and so many things change and we could not pass up an opportunity to move right down the street to Willow 210 Vintage Market. We spent the last couple of  weeks making our new space feel like home and we can’t wait for you to shop with us. We’re  so excited from all the enthusiastic  support we get from the Willow team. Not only can you follow them on Facebook and Instagram and get so many updates from their store, but they have the most amazing little cafe to enjoy a treat while you shop. 

We don’t make this move lightly. To say that we have loved our time at the OFS is an understatement,  but you know how it is when something just feels is right that it can only be God moving you in that direction? That’s exactly what we’re feeling here we could not be more excited. We’ll still be at the OFS for a few more weeks and will have some great sales there as we start cleaning out so it’s a great time to shop both locations. 

And we’ll still be at the Eagleville Mercantile too! You can find us there and at our new spot downstairs at Willow 210  (turn right after you get to the bottom and you can't miss us) as well as always online. We can't tell you how much we appreciate all your support no matter the location. You really are the best! 



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