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Recipe: Pumpkin Muffins

Over the years, I’ve created my own markers for the seasons. It’s “Summer” when the first lightning bugs appear (this also signals our first batch of homemade ice cream) It’s “winter” when the Christmas tree goes up in early November (I am, who I am) and “Spring” when the first buds appear. 

One would think my own personal “Fall” would begin with the changing of the leaves, but that can be very unpredictable around here and I simply can’t wait that long, so “Fall,” begins for me when we finally have a day that is under 80 degrees. When we see that first amazing “high in the 70’s” day (even though I know it’s very likely we’ll get back in the 90’s the very next day) my whole world shifts to Fall. The scents, the pumpkins, the bit of cinnamon sprinkled in my morning coffee… and the best of all, my first batch of pumpkin muffins. 

Once upon a time, one of my most favorite people shared some of her most treasured recipes with me. I happen to believe recipes are part of a legacy and family history and if they can be passed down, the world is a better place. But one of the best ones  she shared with me was her recipe for Pumpkin Bread. Now this was actually before Starbucks made the entire world pumpkin obsessed and Pinterest exploded with “recipes” where you mix a box of cake mix with a can of pumpkin and call it homemade (please don’t) 

It’s delicious. Loved by people who don’t care for pumpkin and turns out perfectly every time. It’s just as good with a cup of coffee or a glass of milk and it’s one of my most favorite things to make. 

I adapted the recipe just a little because I really love it in muffin form and cut some sugar  and it’s transformative when I can make them. The kitchen smells like an Autumn dream and we feast on them over and over again. 

So last week the weather finally did it.  We had that magical day below 80 and I couldn’t resist baking with the windows open.  I thought I would now pass this down to you. Let’s celebrate the changing of the seasons and the beauty of a recipe that travels through the years. Pumpkin Muffins

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