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Small Steps... to a Home you Love (Part 3)


One of my dearest friends and I had a major disagreement recently. Usually there is room for compromise or one person will see the light and change but we had to just agree to disagree and move on with life. You see, she has a very strong stance on nail holes in the wall. Their family cannot live with nail holes from switching out art and I simply cannot live with something on the wall I don’t like. It was a dark time in our friendship but we made it through.


I joke about the drama (there was no real drama!) but it was an important learning moment. Everyone has “something,” about their homes that they just can’t do. It’s not about nail holes (or lack of them) it’s about that thing that stops you from being where you want to be.


The Nester refers to these as “Lovely Limitations.” They can be the size of your home, your budget, the layout, that strange wall that juts out into a space, the fear of nail holes, or grandma’s dining set you cannot change under any circumstances. We have so many voices and restrictions telling us what we cannot do or should not do.


But what about that voice that whispers to try something.

The one that says it might work

And even if it doesn’t, it’s still ok.


Here’s your call to start. To do something today. Rearrange a drawer. Take a can of spray paint to that lamp you hate, move your furniture. Look back at this list for a few things you can do in minutes (and many can be undone in minutes too)


You can do it. Small steps make big progress!

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