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The Friday List (3/11/22)

So, I thought we might try a little something new and have a little Friday chat here on the blog. Nothing too official or formal, just a little list of things that are making me happy this week then at the end I’m going to share a “5 Minute Fix” that’s an easy update to your home you can to do right now. I’ll go first ….


1. Electric lighter + candle care sets: I kind of overshared these in stories this week and I’m not even sorry about it. If you love candles and you need this! The rechargeable lighters are a serious game changer. Imagine not looking for matches or trying to squeeze one more little flame out of a traditional lighter… not to mention they are so much cuter and so much fun! They also make the perfect gift for the candle lover in your life. Our Wick Trimmers are not nearly as exciting but they are so good for your candles. Keeping the wick trimmed and tidy extends the life of your candle and keeps it neat with mess smoking.

2. Southern Sunday Coffee: We’re serious coffee drinkers around here and we’ve been huge Southern Sunday fans forever but we ran out! We buy it my the 5 pound bag and it’s been gone for way too long. We got more a few weeks ago and mornings have been better ever since. My favorite is Early Bird, Fellowship is my mama’s and my BFF’s is Toasted Pecan… but they’re all so good!

3. Our Booths: You know how much we love our spots in Eagleville and Woodbury and we would love for you to visit us there! We’re adding layers of Spring to both spots and it’s just such a fun time of year to spend your day browsing and supporting local businesses.

spring home decor antique vendor eagleville woodbury mufreesboro

4. Amazon Find: We certainly hope you shop small and local as much as possible but Amazon just makes life so easy, right?  So here is something really small but that I love. The truth is, house plants get bugs. They may be so small you can’t see them very often, but they’re there. I love these little sticky things that go right in the pot and collect those pesky little pests. It’s gross and gratifying at the same time.

house plant interior design


5. Books: So while I love reading, and read something every morning, I typically go for nonfiction because I love learning. I’m really enjoying reading even more this year so I’m going to share what I’m reading. Here’s a few I’ve just finished

  • The Silent Patient: This one was more of a psychological type thriller than scary (it does have its moments, be warned if you have issues with that and the language is NOT G rated) but it was sooo good. Basically, this famous artist shoots her husband in the face 5 times then never speaks again. It takes you through the therapist’s life as he’s trying to help her find her voice and reveals so many secrets and twists and turns. If you like a dark and twisty novel, this one is great! 
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder: We’ just finished the third of her books for the homeschool year and I’m falling in love with her all over again. It happened for me first in second grade when Ms. Wilkerson read Little House on the Prairie aloud to us and I was kind of obsessed for a long time. I even pretended to be Laura and it was wonderful. As I’m rereading them I’m falling in love again. Not only are the stories so good but the details and how she describes things are just beautiful. We finished the one in our curriculum FIVE WEEKS early. This is how much we love them so we’ve moved on to more. I recommend the series, even for adult readers but they’re great read aloud options too.


5 Minute Fix:  Fluff your pillows: the couch the bed, whatever, will look a million times better if you just fluff! Put them in the right position and be sure they are fluffed up. Now, this may be controversial but please stop karate chopping your pillows. FLUFF. It’s that simple. Now, to be sure your fluffing counts, try to get feather inserts and they’ll hold up better.



Thanks for “chatting” with me today! I hope this gives you some fun inspiration for your weekend. Be sure to leave a comment or send me a message if you try any of these or want to share your own ideas. 


PS Really, really great things coming next week. I'll go ahead and spill the beans becuse  if you've read this far you deserve to know first. The prettiest spring florals you've ever seen will be live Tuesday morning! Don't miss it. 

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