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The Entertainer {a gift guide}

WR has been a favorite of entertainers since we got this party started (see what I did there?). We have been well represented at many showers, dinners and parties and that makes us beyond happy. Take a look at our favorite picks to make your favorite party planner extra happy… 

Hanging Note Roll…  Often the best entertainers are also the best planners, taking time to carefully plan the menu and making it all perfect. Our paper roll mounts right on the wall making it the perfect tool as she plans, but also a great place to showcase the menu. (don’t forget to grab a refill too!) ***** 


    Slate… Sometimes its all about presentation but that doesn’t mean fussy! I’ve used this slate for cheese trays, fruit trays, ice cream toppings. Trust me. It’s the perfect piece to have on hand to make something simple look put together. *****


          Cutting Board… Along the same lines a cutting board can also be a party throwers best weapon. Not just for prep, it a can make the perfect serving platter or just look beautiful in her kitchen.  *****



            Tiered Tray… When I entertain, I always do too much… too much food, too many choices… but I’ve accepted that. Since I don’t have too much space, a tiered tray is my favorite weapon to get the most into a single space. Your entertainers will thank you for the vertical space. Time to add more items to the menu… *****
                 Farmhouse Drying Rack… There is just something special about offering someone a cup of coffee, but it’s even more special when they just know how to get it in your home. Achieve this extra homey-hostess status by keeping your coffee cups out and easy to access. Don’t have mugs you like, check out our Coffee Break and Tea Time cups to fill it up! *****

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