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Vintage Finds: 2 Laundry Room Upgrades

Vintage finds to upgrade your laundry room


I added two vintage items to my laundry room that changed everything….

Now maybe that’s a bit dramatic because I still have to actually take the laundry out and fold it up and put it away. I’ve yet to find anything new or vintage that helps with that process, but it solved a few other problems for me. Let me just show you what I added and why it’s such a big deal for me

Vintage cabinet in small laundry room for storage1. A Vintage Cabinet: I had zero intentions of keeping this. In fact I passed up even buying it the first time but when it was still there the second time I grabbed it thinking it would be there perfect piece to rehab and add to one of out booths. But as I started working on it, the lightbulb went off and I grabbed my tape measure. I’ve been planning to build some sort of shelving unit for this little spot for a while now because we need the storage, but I always thought if I could find the perfect piece that would work too. Hello. I found the perfect piece. A can of “oops paint,” a lot of sanding and a few days later, we have storage! I had a little basket piece from Walmart here that served it’s purpose for a long time but  would honestly just shove stuff in the drawers and forget about them. Vintage cabinet in small laundry room for storageNow I can open the doors and see what I’m dealing with and be intentional. I also love the green with my red mixer. I don’t like the mixer out on the kitchen counter but it’s easy to grab from there whenever I need it. If I had an outlet over here I might just use it here and  rename this my “butler’s party” or “scullery” but I’m not that fancy. This also gave me a spot for dog food and treats. We had no idea we would add a puppy to our family so soon but we did so here is a great spot to have her stuff within reach but out of sight. Puppies are hungry!  
small laundry room vintage basket hiding trash can

 2. A Vintage Basket: I have a thing about open trashcans. I just feel like every trashcan needs a lid of some sort. Don’t even get me started with trashcans in bedrooms and living rooms. Maybe we’ll talk about that some day but for today, let’s talk about trashcans with lids. Obviously this one does not get as many stinky items as the kitchen would, and I’m pretty sure this is a trashcan leftover from 2 houses ago, but it’s such a wasted visual space. Once upon a time I made a little curtain for this section but it was really more of a pain that it was worth so I left it alone. I’ve measured this spot 97 times to see if I could fit a tall cabinet, or a little bitty sink and it’s just not happening. So on a whim, I slid our existing trashcan inside this vintage basket and tucked it into the corner and it just fit!  It looks so much better and solves the open trashcan issue without ruining a basket. I call it a big win!



I have a big laundry room overhaul planned for someday. It’s a nice space, but it really doesn’t meet our needs fully.While I realize how wonderful the custom shelves are, I need more storage, and closed storage at that, than hanging space. Also, I can’t reach any of it without a step stool. I’ve been hard on this little room and it needs fresh paint and as much function as I can squeeze in, but it also needs to function in the now. Here’s a little tell-tale sign that lets me know when a space has a problem. Do I find it getting out of control or messy more often than not? If so, chances are there is something that is not working. If it requires an overhaul just to clean up, there is a problem. It could be too much extra stuff, or not enough storage, or an issue with how the purpose is defined or a whole host of things. But it’s a great indicator of a bigger problem with the space. My issue in here is we really need more functional, closed storage. A wall of cabinets is coming someday, but for now I can get more function out of this space with better storage and cleaning up the sightlines. Done and done!


So maybe I wasn’t being that dramatic after all! Two additions really can change your laundry room.

2 vintage finds to help a small laundry room

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