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DIY: S'more Bar

DIY entertaining Fall patio Smore tiered tray

It is no secret that I love fall with all my heart. It’s the comfort of the cooler temperatures after a hot Tennessee Summer, the amazing red, yellows and oranges that change the whole landscape and let’s be honest boots. And my birthday. Fall is just the perfect season.


Fall is also the perfect time for a treat and there is not much better than a S’more! You can find us most weekends out by our little fireplace roasting too many marshmallows and enjoying a delicious S’more or seven. Now a S’more by nature is rustic and simple, but did you know you can elevate it to a complete dessert experience? All you need to do is make a S’more Bar.


Stay with me friends this takes about 3 minutes and our beautiful Zinc Tiered Tray​. Instead of boxes of crackers and bags of marshmallows scattered about , load up your tray with your ingredients and you take it from humble snack, to an experience. 

S'more Bar

It’s the perfect dessert experience for a dinner party and you can make it as fancy or simple as you want. We keep ours pretty simple with Hershey bars, Peanut Butter Cups and a variety of crackers. We load up our marshmallows and utensils into our Hobnail Jar and you’re ready to roast but you could use homemade marshmallows, gourmet chocolates or whatever you wanted! 

There are no rules here! Well, only that you need to order your Tiered Tray today :) 

Find it all here... 
       ZInc Tiered Tray




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