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Client Space: Guest Room

There was just something really special about this space. The way the elements came together, the softness of the colors and texture, the soothing feeling it gives…

My client has family all over the country so she wanted a guest room where they can feel welcome and comfortable. She has the very best style and a beautiful custom home but this room was a blank slate. Let's take a look at where it started.

The antique bed and armoire stayed and the rest was a fresh start. Here’s what I did and why this design works.

 1. Scale: 9 times out of 10, I like to go large with everything. Bigger scale fills stuff out and makes even the teeniest spaces appear larger, but in this space, we took the wall treatment higher then used smaller art and shorter lamps to give it the extra UMPH for drama! The wall and the antique bed are what shines, the rest just complement it.


Now, I did not compromise on scale of the nightstands. Here’s my rule. I  don’t like all matching bedroom furniture. You don’t want any room to look like a furniture store BUT I do like nightstands to match each other and be as big as possible. This keeps it balanced and creates easy sight lines for the eye. My rule is to get as large of bedside tables as you can fit. Your room will look larger and balanced.

 2. Texture: The gentle grooves of the beadboard, the embroidery on the one pillow, the wood grain on the lamps, the knotted texture of the throw and pillow, the softness of the rug, the flow of the curtains, the curl of the fern fronds…this room is so rich in texture it almost feels like a hug. THIS is how you achieve that feeling that makes you never want to leave the room. Layers and layers of texture make all the difference.

 3. Color: The gentle green is the focal point for sure and obviously white is a huge player but you know the color that sets this room over the top? Brown. Yep, boring old brown is not so boring. Gray had it’s day but we often went much too cool with our grays, a little dose of brown is that warm neutral that makes the space everything. Can you spot the brown? The pillow stripes, the wood on the table, the tones of the rug, the frame of the mirror, the bamboo art. Little spots of brown and wood tone give life. 



This space was special for so many reasons. Sure, all the design elements lined up perfectly and it didn’t hurt that I found a ton of great art on sale (always a win) but it was really the first official project for Whippoorwill Road. While I’ve done design for years, this one felt different and extra special. It felt like months on planning and vision coming together to create something truly beautiful. I can’t wait to see how my client’s family enjoys this space. Design is not just about all the pretty stuff. It’s about getting your home to work for you. It’s about creating a space for life.


We are so excited to add this new service to Whippoorwill Road. Contact us today to get your project started or to learn more about how we can help make your home the perfect space for your life.   


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