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Freedom In Your Home


As we celebrate our country this weekend, I can’t help but thinking about how freedom can mean things great and small. Our forefathers fought hard to be sure we had certain freedoms and so many brave men and women fight daily to ensure we keep them. This is what is truly important and I know we’re so very grateful. While I’m not trying to discount that, I think we can take it on a smaller scale too and celebrate the freedoms we have in our homes. 

1. Freedom to do things our own way

I spent some time with one of my favorite little friends recently and I heard a lot of “mommy and daddy always do it this way.” When you’re 3 trying to be sure you follow the rules this is very important  but when you’re grown and trying to make your home feel like you, we need to not care quite as much. In our homes, we’re free to decide where we want things, how we want the space to feel and flow, what we want to use and what we don’t. From turning a dining room into an office or play area, or unused guest room into gym, or putting the coffee maker in the bathroom or bedroom (I’ve always loved this idea!) or even just as simple as doing something differently than the way you grew up. We’re free to decide what works and doesn’t work for us and keep trying until we figure it out.
2. Freedom to repeat our favorites

If you’ve followed me on social media for long, you might know that I have like 5 different versions of the same rug. I know the quality, I know I like it and I make it look different in every space. When our white slipcovered couch wears out, there is a very good chance it will be replaced with another white slipcovered couch It’s almost like finding the perfect shirt or pants and buying it in every color. Don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel with every design decision.

 3. Freedom to not listen to trends

True confession: I am so over buffalo check. Yes, it can be done in a beautiful way but I don’t want it in my home anymore. I can chose that for me and you can too. There are so many trends that get thrown at us we can always choose to listen to them or not.

4. Freedom to listen to trends

My mama still loves the buffalo check and that is ok too! We’ve talked about this so much that even though I don't want it personally, if it makes her happy, I’ll literally help her wallpaper her walls in it. We can often be hesitant to try something that feels “trendy” but the good news is nothing lasts forever, decor isn’t brain surgery (meaning no one is going to die!) So if you feel drawn to something try it! You have the freedom to decide what trends you like and don’t


5. Freedom to say goodbye

All good things come to an end and just because it ends doesn’t mean it wasn’t beautiful for its season. So whether you’re saying goodbye to a trend, a piece of furniture or something bigger like a friendship, job or house; know it’s ok. Letting go is usually where we gain the space and freedom for more (and this is coming from the girl who names her furniture, so you can trust me on that)



I’m so very thankful for big freedoms and small freedoms… in Jesus, as Americans and in our homes. We are free to be ourselves, love our families and embrace the gift that is home. Freedom isn’t free but it is so very precious and wonderful.

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