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Five Quick Home Refreshers

It’s been raining for days here and I really don’t mind it one bit. When it finally moves out you can see what it’s done. The grass is greener, the sky is bluer the flowers are thriving and everything seems fresh, clear and renewed. I think we can take the same look at our homes. What are those quick tasks that can make our homes feel different, fresher and renewed. We too often think of the big projects that will take days or weeks and lose site and the value of those quick hitters that make all the difference. The ROI on your time and effort is immediate and the gratification is exponential. So here are 5 easy tasks you can do for a quick  home refresh.


1. 20 minute tidy: Whether you do it alone or get the whole family to lend a hand, it’s amazing what a difference 20 minutes can make. Set a timer and just do whatever you can in that amount of time. Put things in their proper homes, wipe down surfaces, do a quick sweep, fluff those pillows. Don’t even worry about if you need a deep clean just do all you can in 20 minutes and I promise you will see, smell and feel the difference. Don't forget to light your favorite candle too! 


2. Targeted Deep Clean: I can feel overwhelmed with the thought of all the baseboards, windows, corners and crevices that can need a serious deep clean so I sometimes put it off. Here’s the key though, deep cleaning doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You don’t have to do your entire house or leave the entire house dirty. Decide the space that matters right now and get it done. I’ll do this on a Saturday morning after breakfast. I’ll just jump in and wipe down all the kitchen cabinet doors and appliances, get in all the little crevices that I sometimes ignore and you know what? It gets done in no time and that space is better. Pick the spot that matters and get it done. Use that timer too. It may take longer than a 20 minute tidy but see how much you can get done in that 20 minutes. I think you'll be amazed! 


3. Make a switch: Shopping our homes is one of the best design secrets you’ll ever learn. Something you’ve had for years can feel brand new in a different place. Take a few moments to look around, or "shop," your home then switch some stuff out. Pillows, arts, knick knacks, plants… try them I in a new spot for a quick and easy update that costs $0


4. Picture update: Take a look around. Do you have family pictures displayed? My guess is some of them can use a refresh. Take a few moments to send a few pics to your favorite printer (or contact your favorite photographer to schedule a session if you’re overdue) and update those frames. 

Tip #1:  I love candids all over the house. They’ll never be the same as a professional picture but they have tons of value too. To make them look even better, use a photo editing app. My personal favorite is Lightroom. Experiment with changing the exposure, black and white points and white balance to make those phone pictures amazing.

Tip #2: If you want all the pictures to feel cohesive, pay attention to the colors. Either coordinate them or print them all in black and white.


5. Enjoy it: You know me, I spend a little too much time always dreaming about the next project. Maybe you’re like that too. I don’t think there is anything wrong with dreaming and planning and doing… just make sure you spend just as much time enjoying. Sitting on the porch watching the sun set or rise, gathering around the table, throwing a frisbee in the yard, dancing in the kitchen…All the projects don’t compare to all the moments. Soak them up. This is what home is all about.

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