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Sweet Simple Summer

We’ve been feeling rather “Summerish” for a while now but Memorial Weekend always marks the real start of the season. While our seasons may look as different as our schedules, there is still a shift in how we do life, whether it’s kids at home more or summer camp schedules or more days off or less days off… whatever it is, the weather changes our homes inside and out. Summer is not my favorite. Sure, there are some really great spots to it but it will never have my heart like Fall and Spring. Even so, here are a few things (10 to be exact) I think we can all do to truly embrace the season.


1. Eat outside: Our outside meals starts early as possible in the  Spring and don’t end until the heat is just too much. We have an outside table with plenty of seating but we always seem to gravitate toward the comfy couch and eat around our little coffee table. Meals outside are something special and one of my most favorite things.   Wether you’re outside on a table, a picnic blanket or a comfy chair these essentials will help : napkins, plates

2. Get out early: I don’t love the heat. I promised not to complain about it when we were covered in snow and ice for a solid week but that won’t make me love it. We make it a point to get outside early before it’s too much. Wether it’s a morning walk or bike ride, coffee on the porch to whatever, enjoy the early morning cool to set your day off to the right start


3. Farmer’s market: One of my favorite things about summer is the farmer’s market. I love to browse all the goodness and plan meals right there. So whether you visit a big market or tiny roadside stand, be sure you support local farmers this season and feed your soul in the process

(my favorite Farmer’s Market Meal: BLfgT with fried squash, fresh corn and our favorite Quick Pickles  all with fresh market ingredients. That’s a Bacon, Lettuce, Fried Green Tomato Sammie of you’re not familiar and I get it all from the market down to fresh sourdough bread. And I know fried squash is a southern thing but if you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out!) 

4. Grow Something:  Whether it’s a full garden patch or simple flower in a pot on your window sill, grow something this season. It might take a little effort (and a lot of water) but it will be a bright spot on a long hot day.


5. Rest: Sometimes we have a tendency to go, go go from one thing to the next and we’re beyond exhausted before July. Schedule in some days to do nothing but rest. Read, relax, watch a few movies, take a nap. Give yourself the space to slow down and recharge. 


6. Forget the floors: My house seems to be a flurry or in and out and lots of feet. My floors also collect all the foot prints and it makes me nuts but I’v choosing not to worry about it. I’ll clean them as I can (and politely but firmly ask that shoes are removed for at least 24 hours after mopping) and let the rest go.

7. Bring the inside out: In the same way that plants bring the outside in, you want to bring a few pieces on inside out to make them feel like home. Add your favorite candle to the porch (I love Lemon Verbena outside. It smells so fresh) Up your pot game with something pretty or a cute label, cool mornings still happen so a favorite throw helps that or has you ready for and impromptu picnic.


8. Plan simple meals: We know we’re headed for those days when turning on the oven or stove is will send us over the edge of heat exhaustion, or staying outside “for 5 more minutes” 100 times puts us having dinner at dark. Have a list of go to meals ready:  burgers in the freezer  to throw on the grill, marinated chicken… also to throw on the grill, a lazy charcuterie for snacking, a go to salad that everyone loves… whatever you can get done and in your bellies quickly and easily. Bonus Tip: double grill and save yourself some heat too by just reheating the next night.


9. Find water: wether it’s a pool, creek,  lake, beach, waterfall or a backyard sprinkler when you can’t take the heat anymore, find some water. If you can spend your day in it, or just dip your toes in, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to savor the season.

10. Embrace rainy days: Summer rain always seems to come  just when we need refreshing… our yards, our gardens, our schedules. Sure, a rainy day can throw a damper on a lot of plans but it can also draw us to the rest we need at just the right time. So wether you jump in the muddy puddles or nap under a tin roof, embrace the refreshing rain.


I’m sure you could at a bajillion things to this list but this should help get you started thinking how to savor and celebrate  the season.

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