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One Room Challenge: Week Seven


Good things take time.

Any progress is good progress


These things are very true and what I’ve been telling myself for the past few weeks as I haven’t been making much progress on my One Room Challenge. But I’ve also quit a few times too.

I knew from the very beginning that my challenge would not look like most. This can be serious business and I love watching those transformations so very much. But from the beginning this was never going to be like that. It was hopefully motivation for you to see small progress is still good progress and for me to kick my hiney in gear and get some stuff done for my own house.

So let’s take a look at where we are and where we’re going.

What I accomplished

  • Paint: This was a beast of a room to paint but it was 1000% worth it. I love the color and brightness. I’ve had zero regrets and not once wish it was a dark moody color.
  • Curtains: We needed an upgrade! Once we tried blackouts they were a must and I’m so happy with these. I upgraded them further with French pleats and think they’re even better.

Why I stopped here

First of all, this is no excuse but I had to pause my own project because I had more client projects to finish up than ever. I am mostly a "one-woman-design-show," and  when you pair that with you know, life, homeschool and the requirement that I actually sleep… something had to give and it was my own space. But I had other big reasons, too.

I always preach about having a starting point for a space. My last two client rooms were about art, this one initially was about a feel… light and bright. I accomplished that but when it came down to the finishing details, it all had to go back to Art. I have had a variety of pieces rotate through here but I needed something that would be THE piece to tie it all together… and when one of my favorite artists had a print sale, it was a no brainer. I ordered the most beautiful, soft perfect landscape that is going to bring all the life to this room. Because the art is so very, important, I’m not doing much more until I get it in place.

What’s next

  •  Lamps: I need to share more about these lamps and the journey they took from the antique store. The shape is right, the color is possibly right (the art will determine everything) but they are most likely going to get a little upgrade (or go live somewhere else. We’ll see!)
  • Details: Details are what I love doing most for my clients, but always fail to really properly complete in my own home. I want this space to look finished and pulled together so I’ll spend some time on those final details and I can’t wait. Maybe I should pretend it’s a client space then surprise myself 😂
  • Small DIYs: We discussed early on how this was going to be a very budget friendly space. When I get to the stage of details, I’m going to need to DIY a few things to keep the budget in order



Will I finish?

Eventually. It all depends on the art and it will be well worth the wait. I don’t even now how I’ll frame it, but again…. It will be worth it! Add in the fact that we’re considering a bed upgrade too .. and our timeline might get a little longer and that is ok. It is better than before and I’m loving it at every step because…


Good things take time.

Any progress is good progress.

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  • gretchen rose on

    It looks so beautiful and peaceful! I also love the bit of Christmas spirit happening in the corner! :) Way to go!

    Gretchen, @kyrosedesigns

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