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Reader {a gift guide}

In a perfect world, we have some time to slow down around the holidays. Enjoy a good book, sip our favorite coffee… ahhh, bliss! Encourage your favorite readers to do just that with the perfect gift

Cotton Throw… It’s our favorite! So snuggly and soft, it begs for a good book to join it! 

Tea Time/ Coffee Break… No explanation needed as to why your favorite reader would love this! Add a gift card to their favorite book store and they’ll thank you extra! 

Antique Teak Wood Tray… Readers tend to have a lot of something… smarts and BOOKS! I love to keep a tray nearby to collect my favorite books and this one is perfect! 

Vintage Book Stack... Books can be the best decor items! Gift your reader a stack of vintage books and know you're speaking  their love language. 

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