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Vintage Linens: Why you need them

We've always loved going to the "Big Flea Market" (as we call it) at the Nashville Fairgrounds. Even before this was a real business for us, we would search through all the goodies, find potential and treasures and enjoy every second of it. We've done it pretty much my whole life and there are always certain dealers that just stood out and we would have to not only visit or buy something from. 

One of these was the sweetest lady who sold vintage linens. She would sit at her little card table in the center of her booth and arrange them so beautifully and tell us all about the auctions and estate sales they had been too. We never knew the seed she was planting for what you see here today. 

Let's be even more honest, hoarding is in our DNA. We can fight it and win a lot of the time but when we see something as pretty as perfectly pressed vintage linens, we can think of 97 different reasons we "need" them and that is just what we did. We collected. Many from our sweet little friend and other places too. 

Sure, we accumulated more than we could possibly use but we do use them. I’m not even sure why or when but years and years ago, I started using real napkins with every meal and it just stuck. Sure, I have some really pretty ones (enough vintage white lace ones that I’ve actually used them for baby showers and that makes my heart happy) and some that are plain black (we are messy people and they look so nice with white dishes)  and random vintage ones that are a pretty as they are practical.

So if you love real napkins like me or want to give it a try, you’re in luck! We just added about 25 Vintage Linens to the online store. I really want to keep them all but let’s face it, you can have too many and I want to share the love. Most of them are legit vintage and would make a great addition to you table. 

If paper is your thing for everyday, that is totally fine! We can still be friends but I think this is also one little area we can all add some beauty with very little effort. So here are  my top 10 reasons to at least occasionally ditch the paper napkins and go for real cloth. In no order, here we go!  

  1. It’s environmentally friendly. Not only are you not adding to waste, you reusing something that has been around for years. 
  2. It’s cost effective; buy once, use them forever and ever amen. 
  3. They’re pretty. It’s a super easy way to make something pretty and special with minimal effort. 
  4. It’s an easy way to elevate a simple meal. A real napkin just feels better than anything bounty can sell at target.
  5. It doubles as decor. No matter how simple your table or dishes are, a real napkin is a great way to accent the whole set-up. 
  6. They’re multi-functional: line a bread or chip basket, unfold them for a pop of color on the table, use them as single use hand towels in the bathroom (just include a cute little basket for dirties) cover a simple jar and use as a vase.
  7. You’re washing clothes anyway, what’s a few more napkins thrown in the load?
  8. Texture is key to any design. Add a napkin to the table for instant texture
  9. They’re a great way to add vintage charm without doing anything too permanent. If you have ultra modern dishes but throw in a vintage gorgeous napkin it’s so gorgeous and interesting and looks staring out of a magazine.
  10. They make great gifts. We’ve priced these so affordably, you can grab some for gifts too. Taking meal to someone, add napkins. Baking fresh goodies? Wrap them up in a napkin.


We love small ways to add beauty and it's even better when it's functional too! Be sure to shop all of the collection. 


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