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Pretty + Functional: Careful Container Selections

First of all, I’m sorry. I know you were waiting on the edge of your seat to start talking about storage yesterday (hahahah) but I took a sick day. I cannot talk. I can type, which is all I have to do here BUT it just seemed right to not try to take on one more thing so I didn’t (see Sunday’s post. I took my own advice). 


Now let’s talk CONTAINERS! We can’t really live without them. We all have stuff and the I think it’s safe to say that the kitchen holds the bulk of stuff we need to “contain.” Let’s just take the “pantry” for example (and when I say “Pantry,” let’s just agree that I mean “the place that holds your food that is not the fridge” I lived a long time without a formal “pantry” so I get it that we don’t all have those, but we do all have a spot to keep out food.)  You can keep all the cereals, snacks and such in their original boxes or you can give it more uniformity by taking them out of the boxes and packaging and into something prettier. 


Here’s some homework you’ll thank me for. Go to Target and scan the aisles for storage containers. You’ll see so many options but I think there is something so simple yet classy about glass containers. Not only can you see what’s inside making it easier to not run out or overbuy (hello, money saver!) this can be as simple as glass canisters (my favorite are the cheap Anchor ones from Target) or traditional Mason Jars (perfect for those bulk items from the grocery store), and pretty bottles for your not so pretty liquids 


I’m going to take this a step further and address plastic containers. You do you, but if you’re trying to be pretty and functional I say don’t leave your OXO type containers plastic containers out in plain site. Those make for perfect pantries and cabinets but they can just add visual clutter to your countertops and open shelving. If you have lots of containers out in the open all the time, ask yourself these questions 


  1. Do I really need it out all the time? If I’m a baker and use flour round the clock, my answer might be yes but I’m guessing that most of us don’t make cornbread daily and need our cornmeal where we can always see it. 
  2. If I do need it daily or just cannot put it away, how can I make it pretty?  Glass canisters are a great option! I’ll have one more for you further down in the list. 


I know this might sound like some tough love in this one but I want our homes to be places that inspire us and what area do we need more inspiration that the kitchen? Take a look around. What can you put away and what can you upgrade? 


Tomorrow we talk BASKETS! 

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