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Pretty + Functional: A Week of Organization That Works For You

31 days Home Organization

You know I dream of perfectly organized, pretty spaces all Home Edit style, but that is just not realistic for me. I’m not that neat and while I love to ROYGBIV some things, others I need different forms of order. We all organize differently and while I totally respect your own personal style and methods, I’m also an advocate of making sure we’re all doing our best at it. Our systems and methods should not just be functional, but also beautiful. If our snacks and overflow pantry items are pretty, we’re more likely to want to maintain them. If we can see what we have and what we need need, we save time and money later. If it’s easy to maintain, we’re more likely to follow through.  Simple, purposeful, pretty… I think we can handle this, right? 


It’s not rocket science but it is a lesson in balance and taking note of how we actually use things. What I want you to do first is take a quick tour. Walk around your home and take note of what is working and what isn’t. What are those places that make you happy and what areas give you a little bit of anxiety. Know where your problem areas are then see what can help. We’re going to spend this week talking about how to organize like a real person, but making it all pretty. So for today, take a look around and see what is working for you or what you might want to focus on. What are the areas of your home that make you feel really good and what areas give you a bit of anxiety? Have those in mind and follow the steps below to make it all work for us. 

Step 1: Careful Container Selections

Step 2: Upgrade You Baskets

Step 3: Put it Away 


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