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Pretty + Functional: Upgrade our Baskets

Who is having fun talking pretty organization this week? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I am! Yesterday we visited containers but left out a big category of baskets! A Basket is always a good thing but there is a time and place for every basket. I try to follow a simple rule: If it’s going to be out and seen, in my house it needs to be a part of the decor. Usually this means something pretty and woven or with a top if the clutter is real or in a shape that is as beautiful as it is functional. 

Save your functional, durable plastics for behind closed doors and cabinets and use pretty textures, warm woods and curves/unique shapes for where it matters. I would go as far as to say, when you see a basket you love GET IT. You will  always have a need for a good basket. When we moved I made it a point to not buy any extra baskets but put them all in one place and when I needed something, I would just grab the right one.  It’s great to have a collection of baskets to choose from. 

I get it. We’re busy and we don’t have unlimited budgets but if a small change can take your from cluttered to pretty. As we’ve been doing all week, take a look around your space. Where could a basket corral your clutter better (I need something by the front door for mail- I just can’t get a good system!) OR where your basket is more utilitarian and less pretty. Would a top help? Would round work better than square? Should I put that plastic in the closet and get something pretty with texture for the visible spot? As you take a look at what works for you and what you might need, take a look at our Organization Shop. Tomorrow we’ll dive into specific items you need and how to use them. 

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