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Cheater REAL House Plants

31 days Garden plant lady you need this

We all know how important plants are in our spaces. They literally bring life to it and “nature green” is always the perfect shade. But I have a little dilemma. I love plants and while I do an ok job with the outside ones, I often forget to water the ones inside or they need a new pot and I just don’t want to change them out or I pick a pot that doesn’t drain properly. I’m happy to report my fiddle leaf fig, Fiona, is doing great thanks to some ice cubes but I just won’t take care of all the plants all the time.

But even with my deadbeat plant momming, I’ve added several plants that are doing great. They are not fake, but 100% real and it was a little accident that lead me to this interesting new way to live my plant life. Let me tell you the story.   


We were sitting on the front porch just enjoying the morning. I’m not even sure how it happened but Tripp touched the sweet potato vine in the pot and ended up breaking off a big, beautiful chunk. Those things grow like crazy so I wasn’t mad but it seems like such a waste to just throw it out. So I put it in some water in a little jar to see if it would live a bit longer. 

I know what CAN happen when you stick  plant clipping in water, but I honestly assumed it was just certain kinds (like the philodendron I’ve had growing in water for double-digit years) and I never expected this little chuck of sweet potato vine to start sprouting roots! 

But that is exactly what she did! So let’s get back to how this can help us all with amazing indoor plants. This is a real thing called Hydroponic gardening (read all the details here)  but let’s get to how you can use  this to make your space pretty. 

It’s an easy formula...  Plant cutting + jar or small glass the will fit in that perfect pot + perfect pot = very low maintenance house plant! You win! 


 Y’all this is crazy simple. I should not even share such a thing but let me tell you, my mind was blown when we made this happy mistake and it’s really given us a simple way to keep house plants gorgeous without all the work. 

Now I’ve separated mine a few times (and added another sprig from another accident) and even transplanted some to add to my fall mums. More plant babies! Yay!  

Don’t forget to grab our perfect pots to make them even better! 

Pots you need for this... 

Paper Pot 

Hanging Clay Pot

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