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You Need This: Towel Upgrade

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Our homes cannot be perfect. At least mine can’t be. If you’ve figured that one out, please send me a copy of you book! But for those of us still trying to keep spaghetti off the floor and having pep talks with ourselves to just put the laundry away, we can just declare “not perfect” is 100% fine. 

We’re not aiming for perfection but I like simple wins; little things I can do to at least have moments where I feel like “ahhh that’s pretty!” Ready for one of those? Take a look at your kitchen towels. If you’re like me you have some that are past their prime. Throw them out. Just do it. Get rid if the dingy, stained yucky ones and upgrade! 

Here’s what you need: 


Our Striped Towels are seriously THE BEST EVER. They’re pretty, absorbent, wash and dry great, don’t get lint everywhere and look great when you have to leave one laying around or open the towel drawer. Do yourself a favor and order yourself a few. You’ll thank us! 

Stripes not your style? We just got these checked ones in too! They are not quite as absorbent as our classic stripes BUT they make up for it in style. 

 You need these! Treat yourself to some new towels! 


(PS they also make GREAT gifts! Stock up for Christmas!) 

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