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Coffee Time! {Perfect Accessories for the Perfect Cup}

coffee entertaining farmhouse gifts home kitchen tiered tray

Some items make your space pretty and some make it easier. And then there are some that do both! We love this sweet little coffee set-up. It's perfect for your morning routine or a special coffee time with those you love. 

These also make great teacher, hostess or general coffee lover gifts! Let us know if you want us to ship to someone special.

Ceramic Spoon Rest... We sell a lot of really awesome items but this little $6 gem is the one we hear back most often from that it is revolutionary! We're as shocked as you are but our customers just love leaving it by the coffee pot for their stirring spoon. Who knew this little guy could be so awesome?! 

Farmhouse Drying Rack... A perfect drying rack was on our wish list forever so we searched near and far. We were thrilled to finally find this one to stock our own coffee bar as well as yours! 

Whippoorwill Road Coffee Time Serving Set

Coffee Time Serving Set... What was I saying about cute and practical? This is it! Our serving set is perfect for you and your guests! 


Whippoorwill Road Coffee Scoop Clip

Coffee Scoop Clip... It's a scoop! It's a clip! It's adorable :) 

Whippoorwill Road Enamel Canister Set


Canister Set... If I had to pick, this might me #1 on my list of purposeful, pretty products. Blame my coffee addiction, but I use my set and love that they look so pretty on open shelving. 

Whippoorwill Road Zinc Tiered Tray

Tiered Tray... Another great way to take advantage of a vertical space is to go up. A tiered tray is the perfect way to serve and display all those coffee extras. And here is one more you might like. 


 And don't forget the perfect mug! Happy Coffee Drinking Friends! 

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