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Farmhouse Finds {Livestock Optional}

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Whippoorwill Road Farmhouse Finds

I blame Joanna Gaines.

She waves her magic shiplap wand and we all want a farmhouse with chippy paint, reclaimed wood and just the right touch of industrial chic. I don't know about you, but my farmhouse dreams are not coming true just yet (my neighbors may not appreciate goats) but I just love bringing a little Jo Jo style to my faux farmhouse.

And that is the great thing. You don't have to have acres and livestock, or even a huge TV makeover budget to bring those elements home... wherever that may be. I think what we really love about Joanna's style (besides Joanna herself. #fauxbestfriend) is that it looks collected, real and beautiful but still like someone lives there.

We have some great finds that are truly fixer upper style, right here at Whippoorwill Road, to fit your home and budget and to make it easy for you, here's a quick shopping guide below but be sure to check out all the goodies over in our shop..


Bless it... A true southern statement in graphic black and white keeps it fresh. 

 Whippoorwill Road Trays

Metals+Tray= Jo Jo Gold. These galvanized trays are not only great for corralling your goods or displaying candles and such, but add just the right touch of industrial without going over the top.

Bonus Tip: I use the small one in the kitchen with my favorite Mason Jar Soap Pumps and Chalkboard signs

Whippoorwill Road Farmhouse Style

Cows that don't eat... these come in red or black and remind us of the real Whippoorwill Road Farm. 

whippoorwill road farmhouse style tiered tray

Tiered Tray+ Wood Texture... I am a huge fan of vertical storage and display. My faux farmhouse could use all the extra space I can get and this is a great way to gain it while still looking pretty. I've also used this for every baby shower and birthday party I've had since we got these. Love them (and I think Jo Jo would too:)) 


whippoorwill road metal true caddy

The perfect Trug/Caddy... Do you have odds and ends laying around sometimes of is that just me? If we can get the like items together (and in something beautiful) they somehow look collected and purposeful. Just think about all those times Joanna took crayons and art supplies and made them look like a masterpiece. You can too! 

Whippoorwill Road Twine Pig

We all need twine for our perfect farmhouse dream. Whether  it's to tie something up in the garden or wrap a rustic gift, why not make it cute with Mr. Pig. I keep him in my laundry room and he's most helpful! 

whippoorwill road distressed coat rack

Distressed, Purposeful Hooks are a must for livable farmhouse charm. Turn any wall into a "mudroom" or just get the backpacks off the floor! (If this one is al little too distressed for you, check out the recycled one we used in our very own faux foyer.) 

whippoorwill road enamel canister set

Y'all! I use my Canister Set EVERY.SINGLE.DAY and I really think Jo Jo does too. They look vintage but you don't have to worry about the rust and other things that could be growing in there after 100 years. I love vintage everything, but I don't want anything messing with my morning coffee! 

whippoorwill road locker baskets

Can you ever have enough baskets? Our Locker Baskets are perfect for corralling toys, art supplies, sports equipment or whatever you need and give just the right pop of color. 

whippoorwill road farmhouse pedestal

We all get it after season 3. Joanna's strength and creativity comes from eating cupcakes all day, everyday. And she always has a plate ready for her clients to enjoy with lemonade out of a mason jar. Even if we don't have our own bakery (or the metabolism) for fresh cupcakes daily, we can still make our treats special with this Distressed Pedestal. 


whippoorwill road mason jar soap pump

I've already mentioned my Favorite Mason Jar Soap Pump once, but she is worth saying it again. Listen up, friends! This is a quart Mason Jar and hold so much soap that I rarely need to refill and looks pretty sitting by the kitchen sink. Pretty decor that makes life easier? Jo Jo would be so proud of us!

Bonus Tip: I keep 2 at the kitchen sink, one for dish and one for hand soap and use our mini chalkboard signs to indicate which is which. 

whippoorwill road crate

Crates make the world a better place. Put that on a T shirt because it's that true. Our Distressed Gray Crate works as a traditional crate or turn it over and she's magically a pedestal. I use mine to take dishes and such out to the patio for dinner al fresco but I can't wait to load it up with pumpkins! 

whippoorwill road farmhouse vase

Here's another tip from me that I think Joanna would agree with. Get the flowers. Unless you have serious allergies, buy yourself flowers. You deserve it and I'm sure there is some research out there that proves fresh flowers improve mental health. But, you don't have to be a florist of spend a ton. Go to the grocery store, buy your favorite 3 for $12 blooms and put them in a Pretty Vase and I guarantee you'll be happier and your house will be prettier. Everyone wins! 


whippoorwill road enamel toilet sign

 I'm not usually one for potty talk, but our Enamel Toilet Sign is for serious a best seller! And I get it, it's nice to for your guests to know they're not walking into a closet when it's time to go. Help them help you. 

And don't forget anything vintage. We don't all have time to scope out our favorite antique stores (but locals when you do, make sure it's the Old Feed Store in Woodbury and that you come shop us first!) but we make it easy for you with our Vintage Shop right here.  

And there you have it! Are we feeling like we can put on our Frye boots and Baylor hat and Shiplap with the best of them now? Joanna is so inspiring- as a designer and a person (seriously, want to be her bestie) but guess what... you are too! Treat yourself to a little Fixer Upper style treat and show it off in your farmhouse, cottage, apartment, mom's basement or wherever you call home.



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