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One Rug, Three Spaces

Let’s have a little fun. Kind of like a  design “who wore it better” but really more of a “something good can work everywhere/ we all win!” kind of thing. Maybe this is not your idea of “fun” but it is a great lesson in how things can look very different in different spaces.


If you follow on instagram, you may have seen my new Living Room rug. It was supposed to  go in the bedroom and inspire me but it ended up here and that’s ok because she and I are both very happy about it. But what you may not know is my own home, is the third time I’ve used it. Let’s take a look…


This Client master bedroom was the one that starts it all. They have a really great classic style with a little modern edge so this rug grounded  and balanced out the the modern elements.

Next up was this client guest room. The gray browns were the perfect anchor for this space with just enough softness.


After seeing it twice, I had to have one for myself and it makes me just as happy in my own home as these client spaces. Did you even notice they were the same? 


Let this just show  you that first of all, things can look very differnet in different spaces. But the other side of that is a winner is winner. If its something great, chances are it will be great for you too! 

 Want my great source for this UNDER $200 8x10 rug? Email me and I’ll send you the link!

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