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Pretty + Functional Part 2: Making it Pretty


True Confession: It’s Monday, October 29th and all I want to do is decorate for Christmas. Blame the new house screaming to be Christmas-ed up, or Christmas on the brain thanks to all the prep we’ve been doing,  or just the fact that I heart Christmas so much… whatever the cause, I have the fever and I have it bad. We still have pumpkins and I might put out our few halloween things for the day of but there is that awkward time between Halloween and Thanksgiving that fall decor is still acceptable but I’m also ready for the twinkle of Christmas lights. Anyone else? 


No matter how you answer that question, this is a great time to step things up a bit in our homes. Whether your trees are up or if you start December 1, now is a great time to make our homes extra pretty. We spent a week talking about pretty, functional  organization but this week is going to be heavy on the PRETTY. It’s important to have a balance of pretty and functional so we’re not ignoring functional, but we are going to concentrate on strategies that up your pretty home game.  


Let’s start where we often like to by taking a tour. Walk out your front door, pause for a moment then come back in with fresh eyes. Go over ever area in your home. What parts do you absolutely love, and why? Where do you feel like something is missing? Any spot give you a little anxiety (hello, my laundry room!) or just feel off? Make a mental note of these things because over the next few days, I’ll give you some super easy ways to pretty them up even more. 


And that’s it! Come back tomorrow and we’ll get to work! 

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