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Quick Dinnertime Pickles

Pickles are a big time favorite around here. We’ll pretty much take them in any form but there is something extra special about making these quick, fresh from the garden treats. We'll snack on them as dinner is cooking and they're always gone way too quickly. It’s even better that you can add your own flavors and variations to make them your own. Start with this basic recipe then, see where your imagination takes you.



1-2 Fresh Cucumber

White wine or rice wine vinegar

Fresh Dill




1. Make the brine by add a generous pour of vinegar to your bowl. You want enough to cover your cucumbers so about a cup. Throw in a very generous dash of salt… way more than a pinch, like grab it with all your fingers and throw it in. Remember, these are pickles so that need that tangy, salty flavor. Add a pinch of pepper.  Chop the fresh dill and add that too. Whisk until combined

2. Slice your cucumbers. By doing this after I you chop the dill, you’re taking that bit of flavor from the knife. It’s smart and delicious. No need to peel or remove the seeds unless it’s really tough or seedy.

3. Add the pickles to the vinegar brine. Here is where you decide how pungent you like them. If you like a punch, leave them like this and let them sit for some time. If you like a milder flavor, top off with some water. They’ll soak in more of the flavor the longer they sit so adjust the timing based on your taste.   



We like to snack as we cook, then bring the whole bowl to the table to keep munching. This is perfect for all the summertime produce but you can cheat in the winter too. English cucumbers are great in this and jarred dill does the trick too but nothing beats fresh from the garden pickles to your table.



  • Jerry’s Extreme Hot Pickles: My daddy has been making these forever and he likes them spicy and pungent. He’ll even let them sit in the fridge for days. He typically uses Apple Cider Vinegar and any hot pepper he has on hand instead of dill. These are not for the faint of heart but they are delicious! 
  • On the Sweet Side: By adding a tablespoon or two of sugar to the brine mix  you add an extra layer of flavor. Take the time to heat the mix to dissolve the sugar totally and then allow to cool before adding the cucumbers.
  • Make it your own: Think of your favorite flavors and add them! Onions and garlic would up the flavor, different vinegars or herbs will totally transform it. Experiment to find your signature pickle flavor.


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