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Client Reveal

 It was time for a change. This bedroom was actually really well done and had beautiful  luxurious bed linens and custom window treatments but our client was tired of the dark and was ready to lighten and brighten… and lighten and brighten we did! Let's take a look at a few before and afters....  


Quite a difference, right? Now let's dig into why this space works... 

The Power of Paint

 I’m all for dark colors… even in small spaces, but the gold was not only dated but sucking all the light and life out of the space. Throw in the dark bedding and window treatments and it’s just too much. We painted the majority of the walls Alabaster then added the beadboard accent and contract trim in Accessible Beige and it is perfection.


Designer Tip: Always test paint on the wall! If you’re using multiple colors, test them together. If you look at these colors in the can, they both look white but see how much contract there is with a whole wall? One of the tools we give our clients is a “Paint Selection Guide” to help you make the best decision  for your space. Please don’t ever see a color online then go purchase a gallon. Call us!



Adding Architecture

This home is a typical 1960’s ranch where the architectural elements of the day consisted of paneling. Our clients have worked for years to customize and upgrade the home (including gutting the kitchen and bathroom a few years ago and painting these floors before painting floors was the trend. It’s everywhere now. They’re trendsetters)

This room was still a blank slate. So the simple addition of an accent wall with beadboard and trim changed everything.


Designer Tip: It’s  wallpaper. We love beadboard wallpaper. It’s so easy to install, cheaper than the real thing and looks just as good. Check out our instagram highlights for more information on this stuff. It’s amazing!


Furniture Scale

This is a small room so furniture selection is key. Too big or too small and it causes problems. You can’t see it in the before pictures, but there was a tall, dark, not so handsome, armoire on the wall where the dresser now is. Not only did it add another layer of darkness, but when you walk in the door, you saw the side of it… pretty much a black wall. We found this dresser that was not only lighter and lower and fit perfectly (not to mention sooo much storage with 6 drawers!) but adding the lamp makes it even better by brightening and opening up that corner. We kept the existing nightstands because she picked well. They fill up that wall perfectly. Too small nightstands, even in a small space, just look…. well… too small.


All The Texture


I love to layer whites in all shades from stark to creamy. The key to making this look luxurious and not mismatched is varying the textures too. The drapes have a linen touch, the bedding a classic chenille in a modern pattern (my client is always drawn to chenille so it was a must in here!), the knit weave of the throw… texture, texture, texture!


Gold + Wood


Too much white can look stark and cold. Adding the layers of gold and a nice warm wood tone balance it out and warm up the space. We even threw a little brown on the bed with the accent pillow to carry that tone throughout and the frames to the bedside table. Look at all the walls and you will see that warmth carried throughout.


Personal Art

Here’s why redesign is amazing. Our client said “I have this art that I took out of the living room. I still love it and would love to use it somewhere. Could it work in my bedroom?” Absolutely! Y’all, redesign starts with what you have and love. We don’t push all new stuff on you. If you have something special to you, we want to figure out a way to use it. We want your space to look like you. You have to live there so we try to fill it with the things that make you happiest. This art worked perfectly in here and saved them tons of money on finding something new.


Honorable mention: this light fixture. Lower ceilings may limit what fixtures you can use, but there are so may options out there. Semi-flush fixtures have come a long way so let us help you find the perfect option. This one is so dreamy and lets of the most amazing glow.



It can take weeks (sometimes months) to get to the final “after,” but it is always worth it to see the room finally be what it was meant to be. It's always worth it because when our clients are happy, we are happy too.


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