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One Room Challenge: Week One


Y’all. I have watched the One Room Challenge for years. It’s so much fun to see a space transform week by week. It’s also kind of my job to do this, but in my own home… well I pretty much  squeeze in a project here and there as time and budget allow (or any random time. I’ve been known to say “we’re leaving in an hour? I can paint this ceiling real fast!)

I’ve thought about  joining the challenge as a guest participant a few times but it just never worked out (usually because I always seem to look into it after it was too late 🤦🏻‍♀️)

But not this year. It is Week One and I am so excited that I will finally tackle our bedroom as part of the One Room Challenge! If you’re new to this, it’s basically where you take 8 weeks and focus on transforming one room. There are Featured Designers(these are those with amazing skills who get tons of well deserved perks from the sponsors) and guest participants, like me, who join in the fun too. 

So let’s get down to business and start with details fo the room. I’ve even included the floorpan:


Current State

Size: 15x13

Paint: Amazing Gray (builder selection but it’s a really nice warm griege color) with Dove white trim

Details: Tray ceiling and carpet

Here's the blank slate before we moved in... 

So here is a look at this space over several iterations. I’ve changed bedding, art, rugs even, in the almost 4 years we’ve lived here, but it needs its own look and wow factor. 


What is NOT changing:

  • The carpet: We’ll do hardwoods one day, but not today. 
  • The ceiling fan: I love a gorgeous chandelier in a bedroom but this is the south and we use our ceiling fan #reallife
  • Furniture: the dresser was a gift when we moved and we love it, the nightstands are perfect for this spot (Open nightstands are great to not block a window) I’m 99% sure the bed won’t change. We need a new mattress badly and would love to upgrade to a King but that is most likely not happening within the next 8 weeks. Whenever it does happen, it will be a similar upholstered bed because I love the coziness of it.
  • TV: we watch TV in here more than any other spot so it’s staying… but I may make it prettier.


How I started:

You may already know I have thing for dark… even black walls. When I mentioned doing my bedroom I got so many “Are you painting it black?” questions. I love a black bedroom. I really love any room black but I treated myself like a design client and did a quick Pinterest reading. Go take a little peek at my board and notice the theme...   

You can see a few black or dark walls made the cut but there was an overarching theme if light and bright. 

It’s worth noting that colors are trending darker right now. Deep, saturated hues that are so very gorgeous. I thought about changing directions (and I’m dying to paint something a dark, moody green) but trending or not, I had to think of how I want this space to feel. Light. Bright, Relaxing, Timeless. Sure “White” can be a trend in and of itself  BUT it’s also classic, clean and timeless when done right… and more importantly what I wanted almost a year ago (when I first painted samples on the wall) and what I want today when I prepare to buy paint and make it happen.  

What you’re going to see:

Y’all, I may do this for a living but I’m also a normal person on normal people budget constraints. I have literally sold things on Facebook to fund this. You’re not going to see a super dramatic makeover here. It’s not going to be day and night. It’s going to be a slow transition of a room becoming what we want it to be.  It’s going to be the process of taking inspiration, learning why I like it and what that means for me.


I’ll DIY a few things along the way because i love to and that’s a great way to save money and we’ll learn as we go! Sound like a good plan? Let’s take a look at the actual plan…


  1. Paint
  2. Big layers: curtains, bedding
  3. Small layers: art, details
  4. Finishing touches


Be sure to follow along here every week and also follow along on instagram for all the behind the scenes fun!

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