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One Room Challenge: Week Three

Layers are where things start to get fun on our One Week Challenge! I’ve had curtains in here for quite awhile but when we tested some leftover blackouts from a client job (they were rejects that I tested before I returned them. It’s a job perk!) we knew we needed blackouts in here so a curtain upgrade was in order. It was actually the one thing Robb requested for this space. So when my favorite white panels went on sale (my clients know these are such a steal. Ask me if you want more info) I grabbed them… even before I painted or anything.


But as much as I love them (they seriously work in almost any space) I felt like I was doing myself a disservice to not at least try something a little less safe. So many of my inspiration pictures have pops of green and I’ve had a serious moment with green velvet for  literal years.


Y’all. The green was prettier than I expected. It gave the room some depth and interest and obviously a pop of  organic color  in a sea of alabaster. It also has that modern, yet vintage vibe that I love so much and felt really inspiring for an art choice.


But the white was so calm and serene. They’re anything but boring because they have this subtle linen texture that feels so much more luxurious than the price tag.


So did what any sane person would do and completely styled each side with the curtains. I shopped the house and created two distinct looks around each choice…. Then put it on the internet for the world to vote. Totally normal, right?


In all honesty, I like the opinions and especially the ones who really told me why they liked something more than the other, but my mind was 99% made up already.


Let me explain.


While I genuinely wanted to know what everyone liked, what made my decision, was styling each side. While I liked both… one was the look and feel I was going hoping for...


And while we’re still being honest, there is a part of me that wanted to go against the votes and do something unexpected… but I went with the gorgeous creamy white just like everyone else said I would and it’s the right decision.


A whole week devoted to curtains may seem like a little much but in this kind of low budget makeover, it’s all the little decisions that add up to the cohesive look. We’re just normal people who don’t have unlimited budgets and sponsorships to pay to change things out all the time. If I splurge on curtains, even on budget friendly ones I waited to go on sale, you better believe I want to be happy  and confident with my decision. Suddenly completely styling ever inch of it to help me decide shifts from excessive to a worthy investment.

Take your time. Figure out what you like and why. Ask for help when you can’t see the vision. Or be willing to reroute if it’s not going where you want it to.

Now, I am upgrading these curtains a bit so be sure to follow along this week  on Instagram (and see where I ended up using the green velvet! They found a perfect home and I’m in love)

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