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Hire a Designer... could i do that?

Some of us would never dream of hiring someone to help us design our homes. It just seems like one of those things we should take care of ourselves. We should have time to work on all the projects on the weekends. We should make it all work and feel right. We should have the time, energy and money for it all.


And maybe you do. Maybe figuring out problem areas or balancing spaces and giving it all the homey feel is something you are passionate about and love spending your free time doing. But if it’s more of a struggle that feels like something you should do instead of something that brings you joy, maybe a little help would be a very good thing.


If you’re on the fence about if this is for you, here are a few common objectives (yep, reading your mind here) and how we deal with them. 

1. But I don’t like black ceilings: Most people don’t but I get your hesitation. I love my rooms with black ceilings and have zero regrets. But would you like to know how many clients I have suggested paint their ceilings black? ZERO. It fits my home, my style, my life but I would never suggest something to a client just because I like it in my home. My goal is to make your home feel like YOU, just like my black ceilings feel like me in my home. I may show you things I’ve used and worked that may translate to your home but I don’t want your home to look like mine anymore than you do. I want you and your family to shine through… no matter what color the ceilings.


blac ceiling foyer iron ore

2. But I cannot get rid of Aunt Alice’s dining room set (or insert something precious here you cannot replace): I say GREAT! That gives us a staring point. This is technically “Redesign” and the beauty of that is we start with what you have. Don’t want to get rid of your ceiling fan. Ok, it stays! Can’t afford all new stuff. Great! Let’s shop your home first see what we can rearrange.  Can’t paint yet? Ok let’s make it work! This does not mean you have to invest in everything new. You get to decide what stays and what goes and I give you fresh eyes to reimagine it all.


3. NOTHING works. I need all new stuff: Starting from scratch totally works too! I love the challenge of working within your budget to find you great things. We can start with a blank slate and create your beautiful space.

4. My house is just too bad to even start. And the horror of someone seeing before and after pictures. I can’t even!: Take a deep breath. Whenever I’ve heard this first of all, it’s not that bad. Secondly, just imagine how great it’s going to feel on the other side. Everyone starts somewhere and your progress will be so worth it.  

(and a little note about pictures. We never, ever tag you or use your name unless you tell us to. We also don’t share everything or every job. We have some clients who prefer nothing is shared and we respect that. Just let us know and we’ll be sure your contract is set up for that. But at least give it thought. Most people are so in love with the transformation they are PROUD  to show it off!)


5. You want my house to look like me? I don’t know what my style is or even what I like! Guess what my favorite part is? Helping you figure out your style and what you like. Whether you have a label for it or not, we all have thing we are drawn to and things we naturally just don’t like. The first part of our process is helping you figure that out. (Did I mention my degree is in Psychology?)

6. But I prefer to DIY: Me too! You know what else I like to do? Give clients a plan to make it easier to DIY their space and pull their rooms together. Ask about our Five Step Plan that gives you all the power to DIY your heart out. 
7. But I live in (insert far away place here… as long as it’s in the US) No problem. I’m ready for a vacation. I kid about that but we do offer Virtual Design Services where I give you a step by step plan that you can feel confident in completing yourself. Location does not matter!
8. I’m not ready right now. I need to do X,Y and Z before I can finish that room. Can I answer your question with a question? But when do you hope it will be done? While I work as fast as I can, our plans are not just a simple design board thrown together for you, they are based on a needs and style analysis, product carefully curated and a lot of behind the scenes work. You need to start the process early to be sure you meet your deadlines.



Whether you heard yourself in those objections of not, I hope you can see how hiring a designer might maybe may be something you could see yourself considering. We become a team that gets you to your goal of a space you love. I would love the chance to see if we’re a good fit for you project. Contact us today to find out!

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