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Pretty + Functional: Put It Away and You Need This!

Happy FRIDAY! We’ve been talking pretty and functional organization and we’ve already spend some time talking about the importance of picking the right containers. Now let’s dive into the last little that might step on some toes but please hear me out. 

Here’s the deal, you might use something (lotion, mouthwash, dish soap, etc) every day but that does not mean you have to have it at arms reach every second of every day. I don’t care if you have limitless counter space and almost no cabinet space. You have 2 options for all the things you think you need…

  1. Put it away. You can do it. Try a basket with all your nighttime routine items you can pull out when you need it and put away when you don’t.  I’m not even asking you to pare down you items and go minimalist (a great idea but one I struggle with too) just get it out of your sight except when you need it
  2. Upgrade it. If you MUST leave it out, ok. Do your thing, but don’t let that silly bottle (or 10)  ruin the whole look of your space. 
    • Change out dispensers for something pretty.  (take a look here- glass is always a nice option) 
    • Closed storage is better than 14 bottles or containers sitting out. Try a basket or a cute caddy that takes 14 visual items to 1. This is an easy way to cut the visual clutter but still have your stuff where you need it. 

    Remember our goal here: Simple, purposeful, pretty. I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t use certain things or should have one item that does it all, I’m just offering a chance for your space to breath and then you can breath and we’re all happy. We need stuff. That’s just all there is to it, but we also all have limited space so try to see where you can be careful with your stuff and gain space. 

    Sometimes it only takes the right stuff to get our stuff in order (that was profound, huh?) so I’m also throwing in this Friday’s edition of “You Need This” to help you with your Pretty + Functional organization. 

    Enamel Canister Pair- we often think canisters are for the kitchen, but I think they can do so much more! I’ve used them I the bathroom for cotton balls and Q-Tips but also my skin care items. It’s so much easier to grab a canister than 5 little bottles. 

    First Aid Box- Seriously, how much cuter is this than any first aid kit you’ve seen. Use it for general bathroom supplies or even turn it around on the blank side for an even cleaner look 


    Garden Tin- Think outside the garden! These would be perfect in the kitchen to stash chips and snacks, or in the laundry room to corral random supplies, art supplies  or even the bathroom for  extra storage. 


    Laundry Powder Tin- This is the perfect example of pretty storage for an everyday item! Is this prettier than a box of Gain or what? Don’t use powder? It’s the perfect size for Dryer sheets or turn it around to the blank side and use it wherever you want, however you want! 


    Baskets- these are the best! Round, sturdy, not too big, they can do it all. 


    Found Wood Boxes - These can be used for EVERYTHING! Collecting mail, all your bathroom supplies, decor, you name it! Comes with 3 sizes and I guarantee you’ll find multiple uses for all of them. 

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